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Produce industry nuts, rivets, washers, pins, cotter pins

Aircraft fasteners work best for aircraft needs, especially for anything that keeps you in the air. Certain automotive fasteners may work better for specialty interior items, but otherwise, AN nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, screws, and rivets bought from a reputable aviation vendor are best. Maintenance time presents the owner with a new opportunity to consider the value of aviation hardware installed to aviation standards. This is the time to take a hard look at any deficiencies in that regard and bring them up to snuff.

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Fastener Technology International - August/September 2019

Join Free. Login User ID. Remember User ID. Login Now. Forgot password? Post Buying Inquiry. My Office. Official WeChat. Gold Suppliers. Main Products. Contact Now. Specialize in manufactuing hex socket screws of grade 8. Our main products consist of three major series-threaded rods, bolts and nuts, covering over varieties. The products are widely used in many industries, such as machinery, construction, electronics, electrical appliance, etc. Our fasteners products are hex bolts, threaded rods, wood screws, High strength bolts , Hexagon Flange Bolt, Carriage Bolts, Machine Screws , hex nuts, flange nuts, cap nuts, nylon lock nuts, wing nuts, spring washers and plain washers , non-standard fasteners,etc.

So far we have manufactured our spring washers according to the advanced standards of Japan,Germany, USA, England ,Fance and Australia as well as national standard. We can produce fasteners of grade 6. Our products are widely used in mechanism, construction area.

Moreover, we develop automotive assemblies. Bolts of grade 4. Specification ranges from M10 to M We use plain carbon steel, alloy structural steel and stainless steel as materials. Our main products are: bolts from M3 to M20, nuts from M4 to M24, pins, snap rings, etc.

We just feel very pleased to obtain your information and are writing to you to try to win some business opportunities. Our key products are as follows: 1.

Stamping parts, Brackets. Turned Parts. Various materials and finishes could be available according to your detailed requirements. I am sure you are suffering from finance recession, so I think you need better prices and services to support you business. We would like to try to become one of your most valuable suppliers in China.

And I am sure you will benefit from working with us! A wide range of standard, special and multi-stage fasteners. Hex flange bolt, hexagonal head bolt,self tapping screw, machine screw, inner hexagon cylinder head bolt, pan head bolt.

Thread rolling dies. Threaded Rods. Search Standards.

Fastener Center

We supply parts for use in diverse industries such as: construction tools, electronics, food preparation, hose reels, storage racks, agricultural equipment and many other applications. These items are available in both standard and custom sizes. In conjunction with our numerous factory partners, we supply both standard and custom products in many configurations from different grades of steel, stainless steel, rubber, and plastic.

To provide our customers with a quality product, delivered on-time. To grow our Company in a profitable manner.

A 10, ton inventory is maintained along with production machines. On Call Bolting Emergency Service APM Hexseal boots are made to protect switches and circuit breakers. Standard and custom sealing hardware from the inventor of self-sealing screws! Metric and Imperial sizes.

Maintenance Matters

A split pin , also known in the United States as a cotter pin or cotter key , [1] is a metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation, similar to a staple or rivet. Typically made of thick wire with a half-circular cross section, split pins come in multiple sizes and types. The British definition of " cotter pin " is equivalent to U. To avoid confusion the term split cotter is sometimes used for a split pin. A further use of the term "cotter pin" is the "crank cotter pin" used to lock bicycle pedal cranks to the bottom bracket axle. These are not "split" at all and are wedge shaped. A new split pin see figure A has its flat inner surfaces touching for most of its length so that it appears to be a split cylinder figure D. Once inserted, the two ends of the pin are bent apart, locking it in place figure B.

Fasteners Suppliers serving Michigan

Fasteners literally hold industry together. They are very important because each component, machinery, vehicle needs a fastener to hold it together. An incorrect or missing fastener can lead to disastrous consequences. A fastener may be a small piece of the design process, but this small component is very significant. These webpages attempt to give you an insight on numerous options available and a brief guide on their usage.

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Production Fasteners Inc. Assembly and automotive components, custom machined parts and stampings, and specialty fasteners are just a few of the areas that Production Fasteners can help with your company's sourcing needs. Strategic Sourcing Solutions provides companies the opportunity to make better and faster sourcing decisions, thus cutting costs and improving profitability.

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Provide Feedback. ASC and ISO registered, certified woman-owned custommanufacturer of standard and custom fasteners including washers. Aerospace, aircraft, automotive, appliance, cutlery, HVAC, hydraulics, medical, telecommunication and other industries served.

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A fastener US English or fastening UK English [1] is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components. Steel fasteners are usually made of stainless steel , carbon steel , or alloy steel. Other alternative methods of joining materials include: crimping , welding , soldering , brazing , taping , gluing , cement , or the use of other adhesives. Force may also be used, such as with magnets , vacuum like suction cups , or even friction like sticky pads. Some types of woodworking joints make use of separate internal reinforcements, such as dowels or biscuits , which in a sense can be considered fasteners within the scope of the joint system, although on their own they are not general purpose fasteners.

Metal Cotter Pins

Leather and leather manufactures. Miscellaneous animal products. Vegetable food products and beverages. Fodders and feeds. Fruits and nuts. Oil seeds and vegetable oils and fats.

AND BOLTS, NUTS, SCREWS, RIVETS AND WASHERS–Continued Screw Bolts, iron and steel: not made in rolling mills Cotter pins, not made in Establishments which produce metal stampings for incorporation in end.

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Importance of a Fastener

Toll Free Tel Fax Click to Enlarge. Our staff of sourcing experts locate high quality products, at competitive prices delivered when you need them. Whether you need standard rivets, screws and washers or certified bolts, nuts and stainless steel hardware with certification documentation, we will find it at the right price and deliver it on time.

Hardware Sourcing Experts

Experience "Service First" at Crouch Sales. Our expert sales staff is ready to assist phone, fax, online or walk-in orders. Our company has a reputation for superior products, customer service, and dependability.

The range of our catered products is profoundly admired for its high efficiency, long service life, flawless performance and sturdy structure. The use of high end technologies and latest production equipment allows us to manufacture these products with high precision in various specifications as per the set industry norms.

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