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Manufactory commercial biscuits and crackers

Kedzie Avenue , is the largest bakery in the world, [2] employing more than 1, [2] workers and producing around million pounds of snack foods annually. Its products include Chips Ahoy! All Nabisco cookie or cracker products are branded Christie in Canada. Prior to the Post Cereals merger, the cereal division kept the Nabisco name in Canada. The proof of purchase on their products is marketed as a "brand seal".

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Pepper Flavoured Jackfruit Seeds Crackers. Dhananja Mapa. As a result the novelty of seasonal food is lost. But still there are places people rely on limited varieties of food. To overcome that barrier value addition for the existing natural foods can be done.

Traditionally, most of the crackers are producing using the wheat flour. But Jackfruit seed flour can be substituted for wheat flour, because of nutrients conditions, health benefits as well as economic benefits than traditional biscuits. Also pepper can be used to make it spicy because people are normally like to eat jackfruit seeds with spicy tastes.

To fulfill that vacuum with a cheap and profitable way in the biscuit industry, pepper flavoured Jackfruit seed crackers can be produces as a value added product. Why add Value? Flour is very important ingredient in producing crackers. Most of the people like to taste different types of crackers. But due to increasing prices of flour, cracker prices are also increasing. Thus people do not tend to buy such products though they willing to do it.

Also Commercial flour sometimes easily spoil and may have worms on it. As a result larger amounts may be wasted. Therefor In cracker manufactory, Jackfruit seed flour is a better substitution for wheat flour because jack fruit is most abundant fruit with high nutrients. Thus it save more money, less effort, time and have a good quality product.

Also Jackfruit seed is highly nutrients with rich content of protein, Carbohydrate, lipid ,starch, dietary fiber and minerals. It also contains lignans, isoflavones, saponins that fights cancer.

It also serves as antiaging, antioxidant and anti ulcer. Thus it proves that jackfruit seed flour is very nutritious and affordable rather than commercial flour used in crackers. During the mixing process Black pepper powder is added to make the cracker spicy. This adds more value to the crackers which is made from the jackfruit seed flour.

As the both jack fruit and black peppers are naturally growing vastly the cracker can be produce at a cheaper price.

Thus the demand for spicy biscuits with less price would be high. Thus production of jackfruit seed crackers, make a path for production of jack fruit seed flour. Specially as there is a considerable wastage in the season of jack fruits ,this value addition process would be profitable. As well the black pepper is also naturally growing in srilanka and can easily found.

Thus value addition for black pepper because of jackfruit seed flour and value addition for biscuits because of this jackfruit seed flour is done. How to add value? Methodology The jackfruit seed flour is weighed and wheat flour is added in proportion. Then black pepper powder together with dry ingredient along with salt, Yeast is sieve together through 1mm sieve.

Then it is kneaded with the shortened hydrogenated fat. The dough is rolled out using a roller into a thin sheet of uniform thickness. Then it is cut into desired shape by using biscuit cutter. The crackers are baked at high temperature in an oven. Then crackers are packed and stored at room temperature. Take raw Quality Control.

Bakingdefectives Moving Place them on to reworking. Inventory Storage Find and Transport inventory hiring the right from production to people at right time storage. Having too much inventory on hand. Distribution Selling the Accept Return Product. Delivering items. Reworking on Large scale orders. There are many ways by which values are added in every phase for a product transforming from raw material to the final product till it reaches the customers.

There are many agents who help in value addition of that product during its transformation from raw material to its consumption. The agents involved in the value chain are producer, distributor, wholesalers and retailers.

At first the producer collects raw materials such as flour,pepper,salt,ect from the suppliers. Then the all ingredients go to the production floor. In production floor steps are taken to produce final product. After production of crackers all finished goods go the storage to distributors or directly to distributors and then to the final customers.

This value chain consist with the different types of value added and non-value added activities in each step. The value add to the product is what convinces the customers to buy them. Non-value-added activities add costs to the product without enhancing the value. At the first, in ware house delivery, raw materials such as flour ,pepper powder ,salt,ect are the direct materials we used to produce crackers. However, raw materials in and of themselves do not add value to our products.

The costs of purchasing, transporting and storing the these raw materials are non-value-added activities in this process. In addition, the time, employees spend moving the raw materials into the warehouse and entering each item into the inventory accounting program are non-value-added activities.

Returning damaged or defective raw materials are additional non- value-added activities. Next if we analyse the production process taking raw materials out of storage and placing them on the production line is a value- added activity. After that inspection and quality control of the crackers are non- valued-added activities in this process. Also if crackers are defective and reworking on them is also a non value added activity.

Its occur when moving defective crackers from the production line to the reworking station and back to the production line.

In the storage process of inventroy,it is also a non value added activity because there are the costs of storing and warehousing the crackers. The main reason is that daily customers may view producers older inventory as inferior compared to what our competitor offers Finally Selling the crackers is a value-added activity.

If customers can order our crackers as large scale by mail, the costs of preparing the crackers for shipment and sending the items are value-added activities. However, if we accept returns, returning the crackers due to expire or any other reason back into storage is a non-value added activity. If our customer returns a defective packets of crackers , if time spent repairing or reworking the unit doesn't add value to it. Keeping our non-value-added activities to a minimum ,improves our profit margin by cutting unnecessary expenses.

When to Add Value? There is a moment for any product , the demand for that product is decreasing. According to below graph we can see that there is a point where total revenue is started to decreased and at that time total cost is increasing. Thus this is the best time period the value should be added to the our product. The value addition to this pepper flavoured —Jackfruit seed cracker can be done by several ways.

Produce the cracker in a different shape. Change the flavour of the cracker. Change the outer cover of the cracker in an attractive way. Related Papers. By Abdul Alim. Study on functional properties of raw and blended Jackfruit seed flour a non-conventional source for food application. By Himanshu Shekhar.

By Kamalesh Dey. By Yakop Yordan Ingratubun. By Oduro Ibok and William Ellis. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

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We have constructed a sound infrastructural facility which is featured with advanced manufacturing capabilities to ensure superior quality outcomes and high production rate. Our products are verified for superior quality after undergoing extensive test conducted on the basis of strict quality parameters. Undertaking project based product customization, we confirm our products to be as per our clients' specifications. Fabricating these using high grade raw materials, our products assure high performance, low maintenance and long service life.

Companies must deal with a variety of training needs. Individuals new to the industry, whether in operations or management, must be brought up to speed on the fundamentals essential to successfully producing product.

Even More. Hi, Really appreciate what you guys do here in Yamu. I'd like to mention another fact with regards to the Maliban vs Munchee biscuit challenge. Munchee how ever, might taste better and softer but I've heard that there are so many chemicals used in Munchee biscuits to get the taste and quality for an example : MSG.

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Register Log In. Cookie manufacturers make up a large segment of the baked good market and produce large amounts of various types of cookies and biscuits. Incoming raw ingredients, like flour, sugar, cocoa, etc.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Pepper Flavoured Jackfruit Seeds Crackers. Dhananja Mapa. As a result the novelty of seasonal food is lost.

The manufacture of biscuits is one of Sri Lanka's most profitable businesses. It's true, Sri Lankans love rice, chocolate milk, fizzy drinks - and biscuits. But which.

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In reality, the looming brick structure remains largely the same as it did more than a century ago, when it served as headquarters for the iconic snack company Nabisco. The building got its start in after a number of local bakeries merged to create the New York Biscuit Company and constructed an array of six-story Romanesque-style bakeries. In the company amalgamated once again, this time with its Chicago-based competitor, the American Biscuit and Manufacturing Company. Over the course of the next year, Nabsico—led by the fastidious co-founder and future company president Adolphus W.

High Speed Mixer. Mixed dough is automatically discharged into a dough feed system or tub. Patented filler block technology, die plates and die cups enhance weight control and product consistency. Baking is achieved by jets of hot air directed onto the product from plenum chambers above and below the band.

Crackers and co cafe offers safe bike parking outside. Crackers has delicious food for breakfast and lunch.

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