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The meeting between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Turkmenistan counterpart Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov on October 22 in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat led to two dramatic headline-making decisions. First, they agreed to put off construction of the Caspian gas pipeline Turkmenistan— Kazakhstan—Russia with an annual capacity of 30 billion cubic metres until the demand for gas starts to revive in the European Union. Russia'sTroika Dialog investment company has formed a While postponing construction of the Caspian pipeline, it is crucial, as Russian energy diplomacy goes, to offer alternative forms of cooperation; and the possible interest in TAPI fits into this logic, according toVitaly Kryukov of IFD Kapital. By reviving discussions about possible participation by Gazprom in TAPI with Turkmenistan, Moscow is attempting to make Asian gas exports more appealing.

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Coopering and carpentry were valuable trades at Fort Ross. Coopers constructed many barrels out of oak and redwood that were needed to store and ship meat, clay, wheat, and other perishable items. Woodworkers, carpenters, and joiners constructed wooden goods for trade with the Californios, such as pre-made houses, carts, carriages, wheels, doors, and longboats. ISBN Volume I , edited by James R. Gibson and Alexei A. Volume II , edited by James R.

Search for:. Etholen and I went to the mountain where wood was being prepared for a new ship. We went through the mountains the whole way, a distance of about 12 versts, and returned to the fort at noon. The abundance of valuable trees gracing the hills and valleys was gratifying to behold.

The curvature of the various types of oak was such that it will be easy, with the help of templates, to make all the parts needed for the ship. Even in its dimensions, the wood seems destined for this use. Schmidt built a bath out of redwood logs on the shore of the bay near the warehouse Port Rumiantsev. The bath consisted of two rooms, one for the officers and one for the men. The wood needed is very far away and extremely difficult to bring back because there are not enough men available.

The wood is cut in a deep ravine and must then be carried onto a road, where it is loaded onto horses that can take only one log at a time. From there it is taken to a better road and transported to the fort, but the distance is such that no more than two trips a day can be made.

I have the honor to inform you that, pending approval by the Chief Manager, I consider it possible to pay the Aleut craftsmen the same wages as those that have been authorized by the Chief Manager for kaiurs [category of kaIga] i.

The woodcutter Sergei Trukhmanov is to receive rubles instead of and also half an issue of flour. The most useful one is a barn built by Mr. Schmidt to store grain. It is built with planking and is very practical for the crops. After the harvest, the grain can be stored there, and it serves other purposes as well. The cattle pen, where a number of animals had drowned in the liquid manure that had collected there, has now been dried out. The cattle enclosures have all been cIeaned and tidied up.

The barracks can accommodate 50 persons. The Indians often help with the work and presently live under the same roof with the Aleuts, where there is not enough room. About a half-dozen little houses have been built. The cooper built his house with hardly any outside help, relying on his own efforts alone. Schmidt to order more barrels made for salting meat, and the cooper recommended one of the Aleuts who had worked with him earlier.

The wood had to be sawed up and given time to dry. After this experiment, I assigned two Aleuts to him to cut wood and make a big pile; from the wood, he hopes to extract two large barrels of pitch in less than a month. Use large amounts of salt so that the meat does not spoil so quickly.

The barrels should be of sturdy construction. Sentries, artisans, carpenters, cooks etc. Shelekhov to view his timber production. In addition to the needs of his own settlement he cuts a great quantity of planks, beams, timbers, and the like, which he sells in California, in the Sandwich Islands, and elsewhere; he even builds entire houses and ships them disassembled. The trees felled are almost all conifers of several kinds and especially the one called palo colorado redwood.

The only virtues of this tree are that it is quite straight and splits easily; for the rest, it has little resin and is very brittle. He eventually had two more sons and two more daughters while at Fort Ross Osborn Permitin worked as a carpenter and was fairly prominent in the affairs of Fort Ross, particularly being noted for his shipbuilding skills Khlebnikov 44, 97, It was proposed by Baranov, who misjudged the quality of the local oak.

The promyshlennik Grudinin, who had worked as a carpenter under the American shipwright Lincoln at New Archangel in the s, was sent to build ships. The shipyard itself was found below the fort at the mouth of Fort Ross Creek in its remains were discovered and examined by American archaeologists.

Launched ships were taken to Bodega Bay for outfitting and embarking. Here their cattle-rearing Document 89 and possibly their carpentering experience proved useful. By the middle s the buildings inside and outside the fort dating from the beginning of the settlement palisade, barracks, houses for employees, barns, and others had become dilapidated.

The windmill stood at a distance. He constructed a wooden threshing machine to replace wooden threshing floors, substituted oxen and mules for horses as draught animals, and diversified the crop, even reviving tobacco, whose cultivation had been started by Kuskov. Altogether 15 pairs of wheels of various sizes and one cart with a box were made for Californios for piastres, as well as 6 doors and 6 door frames by the joiner and 5 copper goblets of various sizes; the prices of these things have not yet been set by the counter.

The first of these, being a shipbuilder, differs from the other promyshlenniks in receiving rubles, but it seems that he expects management to notice him; the second, the best carpenter, differs in his agility and unflagging diligence, and, in addition to his trade, he is one who cultivates the soil for grain; he and the last, who is likewise a carpenter and a joiner, exhibit commendable behaviour and uncomplaining obedience — according to the assurance of the hon.

Commercial Counseller Kuskov — and they merit the attention of management. Cooper Chechulka, besides his own current work, dresses various hides very well and thereby completely obviates the need to import such goods to the settlement. It still exists, but a new one should be built in its stead, and for this, too, start to procure the needed timber.

In order to avoid heaviness in its transport, I believe that it is more convenient to saw [it] on the spot or to square the round lengths or logs on two sides, leaving squared logs of up to six inches in thickness. But concerning the building of a barracks, inform the honourable governor of the Russian-American colonies and await orders, and do not commence construction beforehand.

If [Andrey] Chichulka is also good, then he should be recommended for a bonus. The fort [stockade] was toppled in many places and roofs were torn from houses. Now it remains necessary with the required diligence to build a new pen for the cattle; timber has already been prepared for this [purpose], and in the course of the present winter it will be built.

Two longboats, 21 feet in length along the keel, were constructed for the Californios and sold for piastres each. A communal cookhouse, and attached to it a bakehouse with 3 large stoves, were built.

The roof is covered with smooth, double boards. A new foot threshing floor of thick, round blocks was constructed to replace the old one. In the reserve storehouse and the lower storey of the communal storehouse new floors were laid, and new beams were installed in place of the lower rotten ones.

Timber was obtained for the new house, which they intend to build inside the fort on the site of the old cookhouse. Redwood is soft and very suitable for barrels and kegs. From 20 to 50 kegs are always made at the settlement for salting meat, which is supplied to ships coming from Sitka.

In addition, the personnel were engaged in various field tasks. Now I have ordered that a shed be built at Bodega for storing colonial goods bound for Sitka and that they always be delivered to Bodega at a good time of the year.

A new cattle barn, feet long and 28 feet wide, was built, and a shed, 70 feet long and 21 feet wide, was added to the brick depot. They started to build a storehouse and a shed at the port of Bodega, and the entire structure of 70 feet [in length] was divided into two sections; the storehouse is nearly ready, although the unusually protracted NW wind greatly impeded the transport of timber. The oaken tubs and barrels that are emptied at New Archangel will be returned annually to this counter.

Accordingly, two ships will be sent to Bodega, one after the other. On the first, the brig Polifem under the command of Lieutenant Rozenberg, the counter will kindly send all of the bricks, laurel wood, wooden shingles, and old iron and copper articles that have been readied and add as much grain as space permits, and on the second ship as much of the remaining wheat, barley, and other supplies that the counter can spare for New Archangel.

Coopering was improved as much as possible. On the brig Kyakhta, which arrived at New Archangel in , 50 shoe-upper hides, 10 yuft hides, sea lion skins, chamois skins, 4 thousand bricks, 10 barrels of clay, and 5 barrels of pitch, besides a thousand puds of wheat, were shipped from the settlement.

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This reverse dictionary allows you to search for words by their definition. Check out RelatedWords. Click words for definitions. As you've probably noticed, words for " term " are listed above. Hopefully the generated list of words for " term " above suit your needs.

Chitral-A Study in Statecraft. The designation of geographical entities in this book and the presentation ofmaterial do not imply the expression of any op in ion whatsoever on the partof IUCN concern in g the legal status of any country, territory or area, or of itsauthorities, or concern in g the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. The contents of this documentand op in ions expressed do not constitute an endorsement by the SDC.

And in further years the fishermen of the Northern Dvina and Mezen, white sea coast-dwellers from Kemi, magpies, Composed and Podujatia constantly came to Murman in summer and winter in their encampments. Fresh water Varsini of the river, its sandbanks, where the good summer was caught seining capelin and sand eel for bait tier, good catches of cod and halibut in the coastal zone of the Barents sea; in winter, the herds of harp seals of Noseeum island from ancient times attracted the coast-dwellers on the trapping fields. And the third ship of the fleet "Edward Bonaventure" Edward — Good company under the command of an experienced captain Richard Chancellor Chancellor, Richard suffered less from the storm. After standing for a week in anticipation of Willoughby arrangements , cansler at your own risk continued swimming.

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Rawhide leather rawhide - rawhide, rawhide [vernacular. It is produced by loosening the skin structure with fixation of this state by fatliquoring substances. It was ubiquitous, but is now almost replaced by tanned leather. In Russia, the name "rawhide" is known from written sources from the XVI century.

Coopering and carpentry were valuable trades at Fort Ross. Coopers constructed many barrels out of oak and redwood that were needed to store and ship meat, clay, wheat, and other perishable items.

Since the founding of such troops, the form of the Airborne Forces was no different from the clothes of the Air Forces of the Red Army or special operations battalions. The clothing set of the USSR intelligence soldier included:. Already in the forties, the military uniform for aerial reconnaissance was changed to visitor jackets with trousers. Pants had huge patch pockets.

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The Indian Diaspora in Central Asia and Its Trade, 1550-1900

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Feb 7, - Over the first six months of this year, shoe exports from China to Russia The Council for Leather Exports, supported by the Indian commerce ministry, This leather, called yuft (Russian leather), is used to manufacture In the winter, oils, sauces and other liquid products come from heated storage facili-.

Paragraph operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Paragraph operations include:. Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Zone operations include:. Sbo is a beautiful buggy mare, and vory fast.

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Hikers encounter pack of 'bares' at Md.

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