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Production industry equipment and spare parts for fishing industry

The commercial shipping industry faces new challenges every day. The vessels must constantly comply with new regulations and standards, the inspection control in the ports is stricter and the fear Whether it is sailing or any other kind of water sports, all these activities require preparation and extra caution by following the safety rules, in order to comply with specific regulations which The Made in Greece Awards has been a big celebration for both the academic and The company holds a leading position in the European Marine market with over 35 years of experience and expertise in life saving equipment.

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Efficient and Reliable Equipment

ALLWE concludes long-term contracts for establishment of service centers for maintenance of aircrafts and also aircraft accessories and systems. Our experts are ready to render services for reworking of aerotechnics according to bulletins of engineering departments and to provide maintenance of aircraft engines with the full cycle TBO resource. Modern innovative and scientific research results in the sphere of designing and production of a rolling stock, equipment for depot, means of mechanization and automatization are in steady demand in domestic and foreign markets.

ALLWE realizes complex professional solutions in the field of deliveries of hi-tech equipment for objects of energy complex, gas supply, oil fields and energy units, satisfying high economic, energy and ecological standards.

ALLWE is a diversified company, the team of highly qualified professionals working on the market of civil shipbuilding. In the business community the company has shown itself as a forward-looking, promising and reliable for cooperation organization.

Allwe foreign trade company. Membership in international organizations. We are building our relations on the basis of mutually profitable partnership, strict fulfilling of financial discipline and delivery terms. The structure of export includes deliveries of products of aviation industry, shipbuilding and ship maintenance, power generation, motor and railway transport. One of the most important activities of ALLWE is the export of aviation equipment and air-technical property, targeted on supporting of technical intactness and maintenance of aviation equipment outside Russia.

Our company is able to provide its partners with all necessary goods, render corresponding services, propose combined decisions using possibilities of railway branch enterprises of Russia and our foreign partners. ALLWE exports modern industrial equipment and technologies for the energy branch. The main target of the company is creation of a system of high-quality and uninterrupted supply of the enterprises of the sector in order to provide their effective operation of business.

Being experienced in export deliveries of various equipment and materials the company has gained strong positions on the foreign market proposing the most effective and profitable solutions, developments and technologies. One of the main objectives of ALLWE company is an increase of share of Russian high-tech energy equipment exports on the global market. Since ALLWE has been exporting civil shipbuilding production: transport and fishery ships, drilling units, floating docks, towboats.

It is also carrying out export of shipping accessory equipment for shipbuilding. Besides the company delivers marine facilities, shipping materials, shipping accessories, general industrial equipment and spare parts. ALLWE exports machinery and technical equipment to different countries of the world for the chemical, petrochemical, oil producing and oil-refining industries. MEASURING AND TESTING EQUIPMENT Devices and equipment for measuring and control of electric parameters; Testing equipment; Control instruments; Ultrasonic, ultra-violet, infrared and radiological equipment; Spectrophotometrical and photometric devices, chromatographic analyzers, refractometers; Environment monitoring devices; Meteorological, geodesical, geophysical and topographical equipment and devices; Pressure measurement and regulation devices; Equipment for regulation and control of temperature, thermal, humidity, viscosity and acidity measurements; Equipment for consumption and level measurement and control; Energy carriers accounting systems and devices; Protective coverings for analytical and control equipment.

Fishing Lure Manufacturing

Industries In Jeddah. Join LinkedIn today for free. A free inside look at Jeddah reviews for companies. Renovation commissioned by Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Batterjee includes covering the balcony, pillars and stairs with the finest mosaic designed by Al Sharif of makkah.

As manufacturer and supplier of Ten Horn and Ridderinkhof winches, windlasses, capstans, mooring winches etc. THR Marine pays much attention to the development of low-maintenance and environmentally winches. THR is one of the first companies what developed the electric-hydraulic driven winches and our latest development is with frequency driven winches.

Home Job Application Contact. Oilfield Supplies and Export Ltd are situated in Teesside, United Kingdom and are your first choice for all your test equipment, electrical, mechancial, health and safety and janitorial supplies. This is augmenting the oilfield equipment rental market. Welcome to Cross Countries Oilfield Supplies Co, the port to the oil industry in Egypt, the ultimate providence to the downhole and to the topside facilities, the innovative solutions to the well troubles and to the production facilities problems and the unlimited assistance to the business of both the end user and the technology suppliers or the service providers.


The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments. Partnering with customers to deliver premium packaging solutions. Give your customers the on-trend portable products they want with our stick pack and multiline flat sachet solutions. From design to construction, our Ultraclean equipment upholds the highest and hygienic standards. Every day, millions of pouches are produced on Mespack machines. Mespack offers quick service to more than 1. The H-Series is composed of 24 different HFFS machines with multiple versions, which enables our team to offer the most suitable model for the Customer. Most of our machines are of modular construction and have common parts except the main frame, which facilitates the spare parts storage and service and can be supplied with all types of fillers and related accessories. This new generation of machines are of rugged construction, user friendly and proven to be easy to operate and maintain. The SC-Series of HFFS machines are formed by a pouch feeding conveyor of up to four lanes; a pick and place to transfer the pre-made pouches to a walking beam system; and the main module where the pouches are opened, filled and top sealed.

Fish solutions

A unique aft ship design , the combination of an optimized hull and a propulsion system incorporating the world's most efficient engine, makes this Stern Trawler different from anything ever seen before in this market segment. Find out more about the design. Most popular tags. Based on our proven designs, with optimized hull-design and improved sea-state capabilities. Please fill in the form if you have an enquiry.

This directive is not an official pronouncement of the law or the position of the Service and cannot be used, cited, or relied upon as such. In February , The Trust Fund Collection Working Group TFCWG representing manufacturers, government, and trade associations was formed to encourage cooperation and enhance communication among parties with interests and roles in the payment, prediction, collection, management, administration, and expenditures of excise taxes and import duties that finance the Aquatic Resources Trust Fund 20X and the Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration Fund of

Cage Farming. Land based. Full overview and full control.

Fish & Seafood - Featured Solutions

ALLWE concludes long-term contracts for establishment of service centers for maintenance of aircrafts and also aircraft accessories and systems. Our experts are ready to render services for reworking of aerotechnics according to bulletins of engineering departments and to provide maintenance of aircraft engines with the full cycle TBO resource. Modern innovative and scientific research results in the sphere of designing and production of a rolling stock, equipment for depot, means of mechanization and automatization are in steady demand in domestic and foreign markets.

Daedong Engine Parts. New Oem Valeo. The emission control systems of your new Daedong engine were designed, built and tested using genuine Daedong parts, and the engine is certified as being in conformity with EPA and CARB emission control regulations. The crankcase overfilled pushed oil out the dip stick tube. Millars Machinery have a good selection of the most popular second hand tractors for sale. Buy online from Parts Direct by Power Farming and have it delivered to your door.

Industries In Jeddah

Haarslev fish meal equipment meets the requirements of leading companies in the fish industry. Although fish meal processing generally follows the same principle, the process requirements vary from one area to another and from one plant to another. Freshness of the catch, type of fish, requirements for meal and oil quality and environmental issues dictate the need for individual plant solutions. We offer a full delivery programme to meet such challenges. Fish meal plants from Haarslev operate all over the world. Our delivery programme ranges from small land-based or ship-based units and up to the largest fish meal plants in the world. Our plants are known for maximum energy efficiency, reliability, safety and compliance with local environmental standards.

50 years of experience, ship design and equipment in the fishing industry, of krill fishing solutions and we are grateful to Wärtsilä for producing a design that.

Aquaculture Supply. Dolphin Fiberglass Products, Inc. Additionally, our company will supply other aquaculture companies, seafood distributors, and restaurant in the market, such as iFresh Inc. Welcome to Southern Agriculture! Globally, aquaculture supplies more than 50 percent of all seafood produced for human consumption—and that percentage will continue to rise.

Oilfield Supplies

Products and Services:. KG Germany Fish and seafood processing equipment. CFT S. Internally it is composed of 11 dedicated Divisions.

We provide complete processing equipment for the fish and seafood industry. From design of single machines to workflow optimization, you can count on us for the equipment and expertise you need to stay competitive. We have a thorough knowledge of developing processing lines that minimize waste through gentle and optimal treatment of raw material. We also have in-depth experience with designing and manufacturing highly efficient plants that can process large quantities rapidly and consistently.

When analysing a project to build a new fish processing plant, expanding or renovating an old one, or changing an existing process or line, the primary and most important decision regards the various investment possibilities and, eventually, deciding whether or not to invest.

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