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SpendEdge's updated component and spares procurement report catalogue. Graphic: Business Wire. It is the norm of the industry that more the growth, more are the complexities involved in venturing into the market. On that note, the component and spares market witnesses several complexities that are the result of business outlook changes and other socio-economic factors. Such complexities are inhibiting the investors from accruing the returns that they expect while they decide on capitalizing on this thriving component and spares market.

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In , a total of Each of these vehicles requires a vast number of parts to function and operate. With over 30, parts found in a single car, motor vehicle manufacturers rely on key suppliers to assist in bringing these parts to market and to manufacturing assembly lines. The automotive parts manufacturing industry includes those companies primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle parts.

Parts manufacturing is the largest sector of the entire automotive industry. Original equipment manufacturers OEM supply parts for the production of new vehicles. Parts are continually arriving to the motor vehicle assembly line for new car production. The right parts have to be in the right place at the right time for the assembly line to continue operating efficiently.

Replacement parts are made by the same manufacturer as the new car parts. As the overall quality and reliability of automobiles have increased, the demand for parts only grows larger. Most car manufacturers will keep stamped out body parts for up to 10 years after a vehicle has been produced. Any part of the vehicle not sourced from the original car manufacturer are aftermarket parts.

There are over 5, companies operating within this industry, with 7 out of 10 manufacturing motor vehicle parts. See the image below from the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS , highlighting where the majority of these parts manufacturers operate. At any given time, an assembly line can have up to 6, parts traveling on it. When you think about it, parts that help make subparts, which ultimately produces the part we all need in our lives: a working vehicle.

Without parts, there is no vehicle. Let us take a look at each sub-industry within parts manufacturing. As mentioned above, the manufacturing of the automotive parts that go into vehicles is vast, ranging from gasoline engines to seats, brakes, and electrical systems. Essentially, an automobile is a complex web of systems, parts, subparts, and components assembled into a final product.

The U. Census Bureau has created an excellent interactive tool for visualizing all the parts that make up a vehicle. See the image below or click here for the tool. Major product categories for this industry consist of a number of sub-industries. Engines are such an important component of both motor vehicles and industrial equipment, we highlight this one on its own industry page. Examples of Metal Stamped parts include:. Examples of Transmission and Powertrain parts include:. Examples of Engine parts include:.

Electric cars have given rise to new car parts, ranging from lithium batteries to electric motors. Examples of Electrical parts include:.

Examples of Seating and Trim include:. Other notable parts segments of this industry include exhaust systems, fuel tanks, HVAC systems and air bags. The automotive parts industry is a key contributor to the U.

Virtually all automotive manufacturers produce their own parts. However, over the years, manufacturers have been turning to first-tier suppliers for the production of just-in-time components.

For this reason, many parts suppliers are now as global as the vehicle manufacturers themselves. It has nearly doubled since in terms of exports. See the image below. Most automotive exports are sent to Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. In addition, the global automotive parts industry is expected to grow around 3. As we mentioned on the Vehicle Manufacturing page , worldwide motor vehicle production has been increasing for decades. Well, you need parts in vehicles, which helps explain why the worldwide demand for parts is increasing.

Another positive is that parts production is increasing overall production in the U. S may not be producing as many passenger vehicles, however, jobs are being created from the manufacturing of automotive parts. As you know by now, companies in this industry manufacture automobile parts. They operate as either small parts plants, with a relatively small number of workers, to enormous assembly plants that employ thousands.

Automotive News highlights the top global OEM parts suppliers. Here is a look at some of these employers:. The automotive parts manufacturing industry remains a steady employer for many American workers. That ultimately means a steady paycheck for many and an increased need to keep these workers safe, which we discuss more below. Taking a look at the official BLS website, there are roughly , people employed in the automotive parts manufacturing industry.

However, combined with indirect employment, the number jumps to over 4 million. When you take a look at the next image, you can see how parts manufacturing has been on an upward slope the past decade, with growth coming in as MEMA highlighted.

Some might argue that the extreme growth occurring is only a rebound from the drastic decline in employment during the financial crisis. Here is a look at the occupations found in this industry. There is a wide range of automotive careers found in parts manufacturing. Each one of these workers will require PPE designed for their specific everyday work applications. The top three occupations found in this industry are the following:. Assemble finished products and parts.

There are around , of these workers in the motor vehicle parts manufacturing. You will find this worker assembling bolts, using many different types of tools, and moving heavy parts. They construct finished products and the parts that go into them. These workers use many tools, machines, and most importantly need their hands protected. Common job titles for this occupation are Assembler and Fabricator.

Lubricates machines, changes parts, and performs machinery maintenance. The Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing industry employs a little over 33, of these workers.

You will find these workers cleaning machine and machine parts. Cleaning solvents, oil, and metalworking fluids are a definite concern for these workers. Around 28, of these workers help move material in Motor Vehicles Parts Manufacturing. That is a large number of hands needing to be protected. You will find these workers operating conveyors, transporting materials, and operating machines.

Common job titles are Laborer and Operator. Operate cutting and forming machines. There are roughly 26, of these workers in motor vehicle parts manufacturing. The majority of these workers are employed in aluminum production.

You will find these workers changing cutting tools, aligning parts, and inspecting metalwork pieces. Exposure to hazardous equipment is always a concern. Use machines and cutting tools. This occupation is highly skilled at operating machinery. There are around 21, of this occupation working in the motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry. You will find this worker operating machine tools to produce precision parts. Operate welding, soldering or brazing machines that weld, braze, or heat treat metal products.

You will find these workers adding material to work pieces, joining metal components, and annealing finished work pieces. Operate machines that saw, cut, shear, slit, punch, crimp, notch, bend, or straighten metal. There are around 21, of these workers found in motor vehicle parts manufacturing. You will find these workers aligning metal parts and grinding out burrs or sharp edges. This makes cut-resistant gloves a high priority for this worker. Workers that move materials, objects and stock.

There around roughly 19, of these workers in the Automotive Parts Manufacturing industry. Machine feeders also fall into this worker group. Lay out metal stock, operate machine tools, and assemble parts to make and repair dies. There are roughly 13, of these workers in the motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry. You will find these workers cutting and shaping metal, along with assembling machine fixtures.

Operate casting or coremaking machines to mold or cast metal. Workers are known as pourers or casters. Around 12, work in the motor vehicle parts manufacturing industry. There are around 11, of these workers are employed in the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing industry. You will find these workers welding components in flat, vertical or overhead positions.

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In , a total of Each of these vehicles requires a vast number of parts to function and operate. With over 30, parts found in a single car, motor vehicle manufacturers rely on key suppliers to assist in bringing these parts to market and to manufacturing assembly lines. The automotive parts manufacturing industry includes those companies primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle parts.

Enter Sampa references, OEM references, competitor references, product names etc. OEM references and trademarks are stated for comparison only. Manufacturing over

All over the world. Wherever you need our support, we are next to you. Get registered to our online solution and benefit from the possibilities. Products for the Industry You are looking for a reliable and experienced partner to meet your spare parts demand in your industrial applications?

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Our staff is well trained, experienced and knowledgeable about all our parts. Genuine Mansfield Replacement Parts. Aqua Saver Series toilet parts by Gerber. We have your needed pool valve part.

A spare part , spare , service part , repair part , or replacement part , is an interchangeable part that is kept in an inventory and used for the repair or replacement of failed units.

A heavy-duty blower motor is used on all Titan Boat Lifts, which will raise your boat quickly and efficiently. Ripoff Report on: Titan Industrial - Titan industrial atlas power south carolina selling equipment from pickup truck one price gets allscam internet. The Titan HKE is our most popular model and is the absolute latest in sealless technology. Includes free on-site training and installation.

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It's best to buy important parts from the right partner. We offer a complete range of spare axle and brake parts, as well as components for chassis and steering. To get you back on the road quickly, safely and properly. We cover a particularly large range in this area.

We are pleased to welcome you at ACE EquiParts — the international trading company for the purchase and sale of complete diesel engines, parts and associated items. Browse through our site and convince yourself of our broad range of options. We have a complete product range to satisfy all your shipping needs or keep your power plant operational. From spare parts, heavy and light industrial equipment, tools to services. We seek to provide what our clientele requires us. We make sure that only the best is offered to them.

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MyTotalSource is our webshop for spare parts and accessories, where you can send offers and place orders. For every reference you can immediately see the price, lead time, stock, pictures and technical features. Discover a part of our product range in 3D. Your global one-stop shop for parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment. Technically skilled employees and customer support in 37 languages. Easily search for parts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via MyTotalSource. Same-day shipment, next-day delivery. Read more Parts.

material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date of all TVH-related news: press releases, new products, MyTotalSource is our webshop for spare parts and accessories, where you  Missing: commercial ‎light.

Benefit from the expertise of NTN-SNR, a manufacturer of original equipment and multi-specialist in engines, chassis and gearboxes for your automotive spare parts. Our range of products for the automotive aftermarket revolves around 3 main areas of expertise. The range of chassis spare parts from NTN-SNR intended for the automotive aftermarket consists only of original quality parts.

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For many industrial manufacturers, what was once a clear path to success is now fraught with uncertainty. Making equipment for a wide array of industrial activities — such as big construction projects, large industrial facilities, oil and gas fields, and refineries — has for years been difficult to navigate, but major companies often used their size to sidestep obstacles. The strength of having multiple product lines covering the full gamut of industrial operations frequently allowed industrial manufacturers to eke out profits from some segment of their customer base even as slowdowns imperiled other sectors. But juggling business in this way is no longer a viable strategy, particularly if a company relies on traditional machinery for its revenue streams, as many industrial manufacturers do.

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Excavator Spare Parts. Carburetor Parts We stock spares, covering the entire Komatsu Earthmoving range, including new parts, both genuine Komatsu and good quality aftermarket. Fitness Serve Stocks replacement parts for most major manufactures.

The brand belongs to Sankei Industry Co.

To ensure your equipment is always up and running, choose genuine spare parts. Filters, Oils and Coolants are an essential part of your. Superior design and top-quality materials result in maximum power, longevity and low total cost of operation. Our filters are engineered to resist premature plugging while providing reliable filtration at the specified particle size. They're designed to resist collapse, even under severe duty.

Sheet metal component manufacturing in this field is characterized by high productivity, medium and small batches, short lead times, and flexibility for the broad range of models and custom products. The range of material used is wide and part dimensions are typically medium or small with small thickness. The possibility to process materials with high aesthetic requirements e. Acknowledgement of the Cookie and Privacy Notice. Consent for marketing purposes i.

This thoroughly researched and clearly written compendium of available statistical information on China provides reliable information, careful explanations, useful guides to further research, and a full bibliography. An exhaustive compilation of national and provincial statistics on mainland China from to , this book covers every facet of the Communist Chinese economy and presents the most comprehensive coverage available of statistical data on China from this period. Based on data obtained directly from Chinese sources, this book is the first attempt to provide Western readers with a reliable reference on the economy of mainland China.

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