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Plant manufacture spare parts for the fishing industry

Ideco Spare Parts. Our longtime relationship with the following manufacturers allows us to offer our customer discounted pricing and quicker delivery of drilling equipment and spare parts. The fluid end assembly mainly consists of fluid cylinder, discharge manifold, pulsation dampener, valve assembly, liners and pistons. Buy best Drawworks Spare Parts with escrow buyer protection. Contact us. Covers an area of 66, Square meter, and has a building area of 14, square meter.

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Advanced Technologies for Feed & Food

We offer you spare parts as well as new and used production plants. Go on developing, get your part of progress and be successful. From sawing to harvesting we stand reliably beside our agricultural partners.? We offer you spare parts as well as new and used production plants for all woodusing branches, and industry - whatever they produse: prefabricated houses, windows, facades, furniture, packing materials We provide them with suitable means for production.

For you we get hold of all you need for the fish processing industry: all spare parts, as well as new and used production plants.

With our help you find products which stand firm under the hard conditions in the exhausting shiftwork, and which allow to produce at reasonable costs.

Our industrial network supplies it with the necessary spare parts and production plants. Additionally we fit for you filter installations, which fullfill the environment requests.

We offer innovative, environmentally friendly, economical solutions for haulage, transport and marketing - thanks to the reliable tecnology of our partners and our demand on quality and savety. We show you how to cope with the continually rising requirements - we promise you flexibility, quality and speed. Find the adequate spare part for every production step from the raw materials to the finishing. Benefit from innovative Solutions! We develop individual solutions for more operational safety and show you how to avoid hazard generated by noise.

Additionally, we protract the life span of your production plants and provide you with optimized spare parts. In collaboration with the greatest producers of transported materials we equip small and big mining companies. We offer reliable, economical and environmentally friendly spare parts for all transported material plants.

Increase your output and rise your ambitions! Get access to innovative communication and security systems and get to know new types of illumination and sanitary equipment. Additionally we help you to save water and energy. We offer new and used production plants and spare parts for food production and gastronomy. Furthermore we supply hotels and gastronomical companies with workwear, dinnerware, economical dishwashers, elegant furniture and much more.

Water quality is our speciality — including water preparation as well as measurement devices. We offer you novel filters and provide you with spare parts for your water preparation and wastewater treatment plants. Our great diversity of measerument instruments works accurate and precise. Thus you can achieve ideal water quality in the most economical and environmentalyl friendly way. We help you to find at record speed robust and high-quality spare parts for your production plant.

Ideco Spare Parts

Inside a seafood processing facility in Norway: Machines, not humans, evaluate the quality of salmon, weigh and grade the fish, and distribute it to the production units. Soon, machines will also calculate the quantity of ice required for transportation of the fish to its respective destination. A thousand miles away, at another manufacturing plant in Germany: Machines produce millions of Programmable Logic Controls PLCs that automate machinery — from ships, automobiles, and farm equipment to entire production centers around the world. The output of customized products manufactured at the plant is Here, automation is powered by insights, which enable the executing of business processes and deliver programmed output with minimal human intervention.

ALTA Group supplies machine tools and technological equipment for power engineering, mining, mechanical engineering, metallurgy and construction materials industry. Production and supply of hydraulic control components and hydraulic equipment for mining industry. Production and installation of high pressure water spraying systems, dust suppression systems, automatic wheel wash systems in open spaces.

Aquaculture Supply. Dolphin Fiberglass Products, Inc. Additionally, our company will supply other aquaculture companies, seafood distributors, and restaurant in the market, such as iFresh Inc. Welcome to Southern Agriculture!

Industry 4.0: The Tipping Point For Manufacturers

Worldwide compound feed production is approximately million metric tons. Almost million tons are used in the poultry industry, tons for pigs and tons for ruminants. The rest is divided among fish feed 40 million tons , dog and cat food 20 million tons and horse feed 12 million tons. Key topics in the industry are the increasing sensitivity of consumers and manufacturers alike regarding topics like animal husbandry, resource efficiency and "Carbon Food Print". While in many parts of the world, low-cost and short life span plants are being built, longer term, sustainable investments can be found in many industrialized nations. Energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and emissions are topics that must be included in the modern compound feed plant. Plant builders do not just screw together steel sheets and fill the room with machines, instead, they design and conceptualize sustainable, complete plants well-conceived to the last detail. The company has been specialized in the compound feed industry for years, not only in regards to machines and processing lines, but especially turnkey systems and integrated, individualized customer solutions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website.


We offer you spare parts as well as new and used production plants. Go on developing, get your part of progress and be successful. From sawing to harvesting we stand reliably beside our agricultural partners.? We offer you spare parts as well as new and used production plants for all woodusing branches, and industry - whatever they produse: prefabricated houses, windows, facades, furniture, packing materials

We are the reliable partner of well-known shipping companies, ship management organisations, shipyards and shipping agencies all over the world.

We provide complete processing equipment for the fish and seafood industry. From design of single machines to workflow optimization, you can count on us for the equipment and expertise you need to stay competitive. We have a thorough knowledge of developing processing lines that minimize waste through gentle and optimal treatment of raw material.

Fish & Seafood - Featured Solutions

Production costs also called operating costs are the expenses necessary to maintain a plant, processing line or equipment in production. In a healthy company the difference between income from sales and other sources and production costs indicates the gross profit. This means that the economic fate of a company is linked to the income e. Whereas income, particularly income from sales, is linked to the marketing sector of a company, production costs are closely related to the technical sector; it is thus essential that the fish technologist knows the production costs.

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When analysing a project to build a new fish processing plant, expanding or renovating an old one, or changing an existing process or line, the primary and most important decision regards the various investment possibilities and, eventually, deciding whether or not to invest. Decisions on investments are based on the profit and sustainability of the technical alternative chosen and on the capital available or borrowed. Variables affecting profit and sustainability are manifold and usually fall into three general interrelated groups: market, investment and costs. Market analysis will help to establish the probable amount of fishery products to be sold, and this information will help determine the minimum plant capacity. In turn, plant capacity is directly related to investment and this influences the cost of production. As a general principle, all feasibility studies are based on an early market survey which will provide the answers to the following questions:.

Aquaculture Supply

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People responsible for environmental issues at fish processing plants. (environmental consultants that provide advice to the fish processing industry on environmental issues. tonne of fish intake. In most parts of the world, the cost of water is increasing as supplies of For such operations, the replacement of CFC-based.

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