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Manufacture ware asbestos-cement products

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Asbestos Cement Pipes

The executives mingled over tea and sugar cookies, and the chatter was upbeat. Their industry, they said at the conference in the Indian capital, saves lives and brings roofs, walls and pipes to some of the world's poorest people. The industry's wonder product, though, is one whose very name evokes the opposite: asbestos.

A largely outlawed scourge to the developed world, it is still going strong in the developing one, and killing tens of thousands of people each year. The International Labor Organization, World Health Organization, the wider medical community and more than 50 countries say the mineral should be banned.

Asbestos fibers lodge in the lungs and cause many diseases. The ILO estimates , people die every year from workplace exposure, and experts believe thousands more die from exposure outside the workplace. The asbestos executives who gathered in the ballroom of a luxury New Delhi hotel wanted to knock down those concerns. The risks are overblown, many said, and scientists and officials from rich Western nations who cite copious research showing it causes cancer are distorting the facts.

More than two-thirds of India's 1. We're talking about millions of people," Shankar said. Yet there are some poor Indians trying to keep asbestos out of their communities, even as the government supports the industry by lowering import duties and using asbestos in construction of subsidized housing. They must wonder why we would. In the ancient farming village of Vaishali, in impoverished Bihar state, the first word about the dangers of asbestos came from chemistry and biology textbooks that a boy in a neighboring town brought home from school, according to villagers interviewed by The Associated Press.

A company was proposing an asbestos plant in the village of 1, people located about 1, kilometers miles east of New Delhi. The villagers worried that asbestos fibers could blow from the factory across their wheat, rice and potato fields and into their tiny mud-and-thatch homes. Their children, they said, could contract lung diseases most Indian doctors would never test for, let alone treat.

Neither India nor any of its 29 states keep statistics on how many people might be affected by asbestos. Read More India's fight against inflation. The people of Vaishali began protesting in January They objected that the structure would be closer to their homes than the legal limit of meters 1, feet.

Still, bricks were laid, temporary management offices were built and a hulking skeleton of steel beams went up across the tree-studded landscape. The villagers circulated a petition demanding the factory be halted.

But in December , its permit was renewed, inciting more than 6, people from the region to rally on a main road, blocking traffic for 11 hours. They gave speeches and chanted "Asbestos causes cancer. Amid the chaos, a few dozen villagers took matters into their own hands, pulling down the partially built factory, brick by brick. No one was listening to us," said a villager involved in the demolition, a teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution from the company.

Within four hours, the factory and offices were demolished: bricks, beams, pipes and asbestos roofing, all torn down. The steel frame was the only remnant left standing. They were right. The company filed lawsuits, still pending, against several villagers, alleging vandalism and theft. Durable and heat-resistant, asbestos was long a favorite insulation material in the West, but has also been used in everything from shoes and dental fillings to fireproofing sprays, brake linings and ceiling tiles.

Scientists and medical experts overwhelmingly agree that inhaling any form of asbestos can lead to deadly diseases including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis, or the scarring of the lungs. Exposure may also lead to other debilitating ailments, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

About million people worldwide are exposed to asbestos at work each year, the WHO says. Because the disease typically takes 20 to 40 years to manifest, workers can go through their careers without realizing they are getting sick.

Others including the United States have severely curtailed its use. Most asbestos on the world market today comes from Russia.

Brazil, Kazakhstan and China also export, though some have been reviewing their positions. Canada's Quebec province was the world's biggest asbestos producer for much of the 20th century. It got out of the business in , after a new provincial government questioned why it was mining and exporting a material its own citizens shunned. Asia is the biggest market. The global asbestos lobby says the mineral has been unfairly maligned by Western nations that used it irresponsibly.

It also says one of the six forms of asbestos is safe: chrysotile, or white asbestos, which accounts for more than 95 percent of all asbestos used since , and all of what's used today.

Chrysotile is a serpentine mineral, meaning its fibers are curly and more flexible than the other more jagged and sharp forms called amphiboles. The lobby and its supporters say this distinction makes all the difference.

Squeezed out of the industrialized world, the asbestos industry is trying to build up new markets and has created lobbying organizations to help it sell asbestos to poor countries, particularly in Asia, it said. Developed nations are still reckoning with health and economic consequences from past asbestos use.

Two years ago, an Italian court sentenced two businessmen from Swiss building material maker Eternit AG to 16 years in prison for negligence leading to more than 2, asbestos-related deaths.

Billions of dollars have been spent stripping asbestos from buildings in the U. Arun Saraf, the Indian asbestos association's chairman, said India has learned from the West's mistakes. He said the lobby's 15 member companies maintain the strictest safety standards in their factories.

That includes limiting airborne dust, properly disposing of waste and insisting employees wear safety masks, gloves and protective clothing. The vast majority of asbestos used in India is mixed with cement and poured into molds for corrugated roof sheets, wall panels or pipes. Fibers can be released when the sheets are sawed or hammered, and when wear and weather break them down. Scientists say those released fibers are just as dangerous as the raw mineral.

AP journalists who visited a working factory and a shuttered one in Bihar found both had dumped broken sheets and raw material in fields or uncovered pits within the factory premises. Workers without any safety gear were seen handling the broken sheets at both factories.

The working factory was operated by Ramco Industries Ltd. Saraf, who is also UAL's managing director, said the materials left strewn across the factory grounds were meant to be pulverized and recycled into new roofing sheets, and were no more dangerous than the final product as the asbestos had already been mixed with cement. He said Nibhi was not an association member, but "I have been informed that Nibhi workers are provided with all the personal protective equipment.

Some employees of Ramco's working factory said they were satisfied that asbestos was safe, and were delighted by the benefits of steady work. But several former employees of both factories said they were given masks only on inspection days, and rarely if ever had medical checkups.

None was aware that going home with asbestos fibers on their clothing or hair could put their families at risk. Ramco CEO Prem Shanker said all employees working in areas where asbestos was kept unmixed were given safety equipment and regular medical checkups that were reviewed by government authorities.

AP was not given permission to visit these indoor areas. Indian customers like the asbestos sheets because they're sturdy, heat resistant and quieter in the rain than tin or fiberglass.

But most of all, they're cheap. A tin or a fiberglass sheet of similar strength costs rupees. This is a country of poor people, and for less money they can have a roof over their heads," Kumar said. But as sellers of asbestos sheets wanting to stay in business, "we're not able to tell them much. The two-day asbestos conference in December was billed as scientific. But organizers said they had no new research. The Indian asbestos lobby's website refers to WHO guidelines for controlled use of chrysotile, but skips updated WHO advice from suggesting that all asbestos be banned.

The lobby also ignores the ILO's recommendation to ban asbestos, and refers only to its suggestion of strict regulations. When asked why the association ignored the most recent advice, its executive director, John Nicodemus, waved his hand dismissively. Many of the speakers are regulars at asbestos conferences around the world, including in Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine and Indonesia. American Robert Nolan, who heads a New York-based organization called Environmental Studies International, told the Indian delegates that "a ban is a little like a taboo in a primitive society," and that those who ban asbestos are "not looking at the facts.

David Bernstein, an American-born toxicologist based in Geneva, said that although chrysotile can cause disease if inhaled in large quantities or for prolonged periods, so could any tiny particle.

He has published dozens of chrysotile-friendly studies and consulted for the Quebec-based Chrysotile Institute, which lost its Canadian government funding and shut down in When asked by an audience member about funding for his research, he said some has come from chrysotile interests without elaborating on how much.

He presented an animated video demonstrating how one special kind of human blood cell called a macrophage can engulf a squiggly white asbestos fiber, dissolve it in acid and carry it out of the lungs. He said his research concludes that smaller doses for shorter periods "produce no fibrosis. Our lungs are remarkable," Bernstein said. To suffer any health problems, "you have to live long enough. Other researchers have drawn different conclusions. Their studies indicate that most chrysotile isn't eliminated but ends up in the membrane lining the lungs, where the rare malignancy mesothelioma develops and chews through the chest wall, leading to excruciating death.

Research such as Bernstein's frustrates retired U. Assistant Surgeon General Dr. Richard Lemen, who has studied asbestos since and first advocated a chrysotile ban in But Bernstein or Nolan "would get shot down if they stood up and talked about their research" at a legitimate scientific conference, he said. Debate has ended for richer countries, but that has not stopped asbestos use in poorer ones, Lemen said.

You feel like Sisyphus rolling the stone up the hill, and it comes back down. Research conducted around the world has not convinced some Indian officials, who say there is not enough evidence to prove a link between chrysotile and disease in India. Gopal Krishna, an activist with the Ban Asbestos India, calls this argument "ridiculous. The permit for the asbestos plant in Vaishali was canceled by Bihar's chief minister last year after prolonged agitation, but some in his government still rejected that the mineral is hazardous.

He's now in charge of water management. India in placed a moratorium on licensing any new asbestos mining, but has never banned use of the mineral despite two Supreme Court rulings ordering lawmakers to bring the law in line with ILO standards.

Last year, an Indian delegation traveled to Geneva to join Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Zimbabwe and Vietnam in opposing the listing of chrysotile as a hazardous chemical under the international Rotterdam Convention, which governs the labeling and trade of dangerous chemicals.

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Asbestos still pushed in India and business is booming

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The executives mingled over tea and sugar cookies, and the chatter was upbeat. Their industry, they said at the conference in the Indian capital, saves lives and brings roofs, walls and pipes to some of the world's poorest people.

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of Contract No. Anderson William J. Within the confines of TSCA, this study was undertaken to profile the activities routinely performed on asbestos-containing products in secondary finishing operations, installations, repair, or day-to-day handling and to report the levels of asbestos fibers encountered during such activities.

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Asbestos is a widely used constituent in buildings and building materials, machines, transport vehicles and consumer products. Asbestos has a known historic use going back at least years where it was added as a strengthening material into earthenware and cooking pots. Asbestos Greek: inextinguishable is the collective term for naturally occurring silicate minerals with a crystalline structure and a fibrous character. Inhalation of asbestos fibres may cause serious illnesses like lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Refine your search. Find out about this company. Calcinor is the leading Spanish group in the production of quicklime and dolomite, hydrated lime and refractory materials. We have a diversified structure, which, based on the mining business with Cement, barite powder, silica sand, clinker We are a team of high qualified engineers with multi-years experience of successfull work at large Ltd, the largest

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While Glencore International may not be a household name, this commodities company is 14th in the overall Fortune Global ranking and the highest-ranked Swiss company. Twins Faja Nigeria Limited and is a top leading company that supplies top quality cement directly from. Established in by BM Labroo, Asahi India is one of the largest glass companies in India with a market capitalization of nearly Rs We have not included FPSOs or. A owned subsidiary of the HeidelbergCement Group its, Commitment to customer satisfaction has seen Zuari Cement grow from a modest 0.

Examples of individual products in product classes United States. unglazed Industrial pottery ware Pyrometric tubes and cones Veritas rings CONCRETE ASBESTOS AND ASBESTOS CEMENT PRODUCTS Asbestos cloth Asbestos felts.

Author : Dr. Usually ships within 5 days. Asbestos is a broad term applied to a number of fibrous mineral silicates found in the natural state throughout the world. The most extensive deposits are found in Canada in the province of Quebec.

Asbestos Cement Pipes

Asbestos is the generic term for a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals with high tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to thermal, chemical and electrical conditions. Asbestos fibers are of high-tensile strength, flexible, heat and chemical resistance, and good frictional properties. Cement is the most essential raw material in any kind of construction activity. Ceramics also known as fire clay is an inorganic, non-metallic solid article, which is produced by the art or technique of heat and subsequent cooling.

cements, special - Import export

Prediction of cancer mortality by evaluation of asbestos fibers concentrations in an asbestos-cement products factory. Karimi, 3 A. Mohammad Bardshahi.

Malignant mesothelioma is an uncommon but rapidly fatal disease for which the principal aetiological agent is exposure to asbestos.

Objectives Diffuse malignant mesothelioma MM is mainly caused by asbestos inhalation. The malignancy is rare among women and studies of the prevalence and causative role of non-occupational asbestos exposure among women with MM are scarce. This observational study aimed to elucidate the asbestos exposure patterns among women with MM. Methods All histological and cytological specimens from women diagnosed with MM between — at the Institute of Pathology, Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark, were re-evaluated. Occupational and habitation information were obtained from Danish registries and medical journals based on record linkage via the unique person ID.

Cement Sheet House

Pick up in rural demand and lower raw material prices should auger well for this building material solutions company. The company has eight manufacturing units across Western and Southern markets in India and has capacity to produce more than one million tonnes mt of roofing solutions. ACS finds extensive usage in urban and semi-urban interiors, while cement asbestos products largely address rural markets, allowing adequate geographic de-risking. V-Boards, blocks, panels and other roofing solutions come under the Premium category of fibre sheets which are sold through institutional channels and real estate players in the market. The brand, launched in s, has retained its leadership position. Its recall remains the highest-ever despite the entry of a plethora of new players.

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