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Manufacture building dried fruits

DryNZ is a NZ owned company based in Waiuku, producing premium quality fruit and vegetable powders, pieces and slices for cereals, teas, energy bars, yoghurts, desserts and smoothies. DryNZ is proud to produce a vast range of freshly dried powders, pieces and slices. We act with integrity in all our business dealings. Our holistic approach ensures excellence from sourcing certified produce from New Zealand growers in Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Waiuku and Blenheim right through to the manufacturing and delivery of fresh dried packaged products. We are committed to engaging in long term relationships with our trusted partners to suppliers and customers alike.

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trail mix manufacturing / nut & dried fruit company needs a new priv label logo we can build around

The mix brand is active in the production of dried fruits. To begin with, four types of fruit have begun their activity. In this plan, we tried to build a package that would be affordable, its production cost would be acceptable, and could be produced in low circulation. Also, in order for the contact to establish a good relationship with the product, it should be tailored in a way that the packaging contents are seen so that the consumer wants to choose this package.

For this reason, a form is used to view content inside. This is a manual form that selects a fruit, and the fruit is placed inside each packet of the shape, that is, the shape of the hand is placed on each fruit, depending on the type of fruit, the color of the package is changed and the contents of its dried fruit is closed from the hand part Gets As well as keeping the content inside the packages healthy and fresh, the products are placed in a plastic bag of PP polypropylene with a zipper door and delivered in high quality on the market.

Taha Fakouri — Mix The mix brand is active in the production of dried fruits. Implementation: Attention, detailing and finishing of final solution. Presentation: Text, visualisation and quality of the presentation. Stay Updated. Get the latest news, published design work from around the world and award updates.

Fruit Supplier

We produce dried fruit made from pineapple, banana, mango and apples, as well as banana and sweet potato flour. The idea of starting to produce dried fruit came when I was living with my grandmother, who was a small producer of fruits and vegetables. However, much of her produce rotted.

These fruit and vegetable ingredients come in whole pieces and fragments in chewy and crunchy textures, and coarse or fine grind powders for different applications. Select products or varieties are available in both high and low moisture level offering different textures, chewy and crunchy. Coarse grind powders are of adequate size that the fruit and vegetable pieces can be visually seen by consumers in most applications for more consumer appeal.

Establishing production facilities 2. Introduction 2. The site 2. Design and construction of the building 2.

Fruits Supplier

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Skip to content. Fully Automated Drying Machinery 30 meters long just to make sure our products dry properly.

The effort to get consumers to include more fruits and vegetables in their diets presents food manufacturers with a challenge, due to the perishable nature of fresh produce. Luckily, a concurrent boom in variety, availability and demand for dried fruits and vegetables provides the perfect solution to processors. It's no secret fruits and vegetables are healthy and contain a wide variety of disease-fighting compounds.

Dry Fruits In Europe

To address unhealthy snacking in Nigeria, award-winning entrepreneur, Affiong Williams, is providing a healthy alternative with her range of nutritious dried fruit and nut products. Affiong Williams started her fruit processing company, ReelFruit, in February in a small apartment in Surulere, Lagos. Williams came up with the idea of producing dried fruit snacks — a first-of-its-kind in Nigeria — in , and ReelFruit launched its range of dried mango and pineapple in March,

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Concentrated Juice. IQF - frozen fruits and vegetables. The concentrated juice production is the key business line of T. Fruit Group of Companies. The company owns seven plants for production of concentrated and not-from-concentrate juices, fruit purees and frozen vegetables and fruits.

Dried fruits: Tapping into the snack market in Lagos

Basic installations or services. Equipment for a small-scale industrial plant. When considering the setting up of a fruit and vegetable processing plant, whether it be a cottage industry or a small industrial scale system, the first point to bear in mind is the infrastructure required to properly lodge all of the necessary equipment. Some time must thus be devoted to coordinate two aspects that are vital to the development of a project of this nature, namely costs and the quality of the infrastructure needed to achieve the established goals. It must always be borne in mind that since the food to be processed is intended for human consumption, the infrastructure must meet several requirements. The basic general aspects of such requirements will be analyzed in this chapter.

only 30 per cent of agricultural production undergoes industrial processing as com- This has hampered the growth of both the food industry and agriculture, and In Burkina Faso, the four FPPCs established in the fruits/vegetables drying.

Tropical Foods is a second-generation family owned business. Fruit tree mail order catalogue also offers soft fruit, vines, and some perennials and bulbs. Established since , Demos Ciclitira Ltd is an experienced importer and packager of dried fruit and natural food in the UK.

The mix brand is active in the production of dried fruits. To begin with, four types of fruit have begun their activity. In this plan, we tried to build a package that would be affordable, its production cost would be acceptable, and could be produced in low circulation.

Posted By: Howard Riell June 7, As dehydrated and freeze-dried produce gains momentum with customers, retailers are embracing a host of best practices for merchandising and promoting them. These items are marketed in a variety of ways — as part of lunch, a snack, on cereal, and other items. Freeze-dried food is flash-frozen and placed inside a vacuum pouch or container.

Fruits Supplier.

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