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Units industrial equipment for regulation and road safety

Compliance with this Part, owner liability. Maximum weights. Marking of weight. Distribution of weight. Rear overhang.

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Return to index New query. Go Back to Article 13 Table of Contents. Skip to Main Content. This information is provided free of charge by the Department of Industrial Relations from its web site at www.

These regulations are for the convenience of the user and no representation or warranty is made that the information is current or accurate. Subchapter 7. General Industry Safety Orders Group 3.

Agricultural Operations. A Keep all guards in place when the machine is in operation;. B Permit no riders on agricultural equipment other than persons required for instruction or assistance in machine operation;. C Stop engine, disconnect the power source, and wait for all machine movement to stop before servicing, adjusting, cleaning, or unclogging the equipment, except where the machine must be running to be properly serviced or maintained, in which case all steps and procedures which are necessary to safely service or maintain the equipment shall be taken;.

D Make sure everyone is clear of machinery before starting the engine, engaging power, or operating the machine;. E Lock out electrical power before performing maintenance or service on agricultural equipment. This shall not prohibit the operator occupying or being stationed at a location on the vehicle other than the normal driving position or cab if controls for starting, accelerating, decelerating and stopping are provided adjacent and convenient to the alternate position.

If the machine requires steering other than ground or furrow steering or operates at ground speeds in excess of two miles per hour, steering controls shall also be provided at the alternate location. Seedling planters and other similar equipment traveling at a speed of two miles an hour or less where a control that will immediately stop the machine is located at the operator's work station will satisfy this requirement.

A The operator has a good view of the course of travel of the equipment and any employees in the immediate vicinity. B The steering controls, when provided, and the brake and throttle controls are extended within easy reach of the operator's station. C The operator is not over 10 feet away from such controls and does not have to climb over or onto the equipment or other obstacles to operate the controls.

D The equipment is not traveling at over two miles per hour ground speed. There shall be at least one rear light to illuminate equipment at the rear. Additional lighting shall be provided where the operation requires field adjustment or the operator's attention. No other employees shall be allowed to board or ride on PTCs. B For existing PTC units built prior to the effective date of these provisions, January 1, , a qualified person shall inspect and approve the PTC units for structural integrity and design prior to the units being placed into service.

C Seat belts shall be installed for all passenger positions on PTCs. Seat belts shall be equivalent to the tractor operator seat belt provided by the tractor manufacturer. D Sufficient steps and handholds shall be provided on the PTC so that employees can maintain a three-point contact while entering and exiting the PTC. F Each PTC shall have an effective and reliable means of communication by which passengers can relay an emergency signal to the tractor operator. When the tractor operator has a clear line of sight to the PTC passengers, verbal communication meets the requirements of this provision.

G Structural elements of the PTC shall be constructed of steel. The strength of the elements shall be sufficient to support the anticipated loads.

H All welding or repairs affecting the structural integrity of PTCs shall be performed by a qualified person. I Front ballast shall be used in accordance with the tractor operations manual on all tractors which are equipped with PTCs. The required ballast shall be calculated for each tractor model prior to using the tractor for transporting employees on PTCs. J Seat cushions and back cushions at least 1. Seat cushions shall cover the sitting area of the bench such that all employees can comfortably sit on the cushion with seat belts fastened.

Damaged seat cushions shall be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. K The PTC width shall not extend beyond the outside edges of tractor tires. L The PTC shall be equipped with a shade cover or roof on the top of the unit. B The tractor operator must remain in the operator's seat at all times when employees ride on the PTC and no other persons other than the tractor operator and passengers inside the PTC are permitted on a tractor while in motion. The tractor shall be shut off before the operator dismounts.

C Safe speed limits shall be established for the operation of equipment in fields in which PTCs are in use. This limit shall be determined in accordance with anticipated field conditions and shall not exceed five miles per hour. D Employees shall exit the PTC whenever the tractor reaches the end of the row and before the tractor begins to turn. Employees shall not enter the PTC until the tractor has completed its turn and is on a straight path through a row. E All passengers in the PTC shall be seated and seat belts shall be worn whenever the tractor is in motion.

Passengers are not allowed in the PTC whenever the tractor is operating within 10 feet of the paved edge of a public road.

F Employees shall not be permitted on PTCs if the tractor or pipe trailer is within 10 feet measured from the outside wheel edge of a ditch, canal, retention pond, unprotected edges of embankments or levees, culvert, excavation, or other similar locations that present an overturn hazard.

G Employees shall not ride in PTCs in conditions where tires may lose traction or in muddy locations where the tractor is likely to become mired. H The tractor operator shall bring the tractor to an immediate controlled stop, and employees shall dismount and stand clear of the tractor if any of the following conditions occur:. The tractor loses traction or becomes mired. The tractor operator detects an unusual or unsafe condition, including, but not limited to, excessive pitch or yaw, erratic motion, or hazardous surface conditions.

The employee s in the PTC signal that there is a hazardous condition. I Only tools, implements, or other objects incidental to the work being performed shall be permitted to be carried in occupied PTCs.

Such objects shall be placed in a designated location under the seat in the PTC during transport. No object shall be transported in the PTC unless it is fully contained within the designated location.

Water bottles, water coolers and personal coolers or lunch boxes shall be permitted in the PTC in a designated location. A Prior to daily use, a visual check and inspection of the PTC shall be made by a qualified person that includes examining welds and structural members for signs of stress cracks, condition of the seat belts, safety restraint chains, connection pins and 3-point hitch points to the tractor and connection pins and hitch point for the pipe trailer.

B Any PTC with defective parts or damage which creates a hazard shall not be used until the unit has been repaired and re-inspected by a qualified person who has found the PTC in proper condition for use.

A Training for all employees involved in irrigation operations using PTCs including tractor operators shall be provided in the safe operating conditions and provisions in this section at or prior to the employee's initial work assignment.

B Refresher training shall be provided at least annually. All training shall be documented and made available to the Division upon request. Training records shall be maintained in accordance with the General Industry Safety Orders, Section C In addition to the training required in subsections i 7 A and B , tractor operators shall be trained in the inspection of tractors, PTCs and pipe trailers used in the irrigation operations subject to these provisions.

D All training shall be in language s understood by all affected employees. Note: Authority cited: Section Reference: Section Amendment of subsection a filed ; effective thirtieth day thereafter Register 76, No. Repealer and new section filed ; effective thirtieth day thereafter Register 77, No. New subsection a 6 filed ; effective thirtieth day thereafter Register 85, No. Amendment of subsection a 5 and repealer of subsection a 6 filed ; operative Register , No. Amendment filed ; operative Register , No.

New subsection a 2 B - Exception and new subsections i - i 7 D filed ; operative Register , No.

Load securing: vehicle operator guidance

Question 3: Does part apply to drivers of recreational vehicles? Question 4: Does part apply to drivers of vehicles used in "van pools"? Guidance: No. Off-road motorized construction equipment is outside the scope of these definitions: 1 When operated at construction sites; and 2 when operated on a public road open to unrestricted public travel, provided the equipment is not used in furtherance of a transportation purpose.

Major mobile network operators around the world have started rolling out 5G cellular networks, with subscriber penetration expected to reach about 20 percent by [1]. One of the many benefits of these powerful, multipurpose networks is their ability to provide reliable, secure and fit-for-purpose cellular connectivity in automotive and transport applications. A variety of automotive and transport services that require cellular connectivity are already in commercial operation today, and many more are yet to come.

Return to index New query. Go Back to Article 13 Table of Contents. Skip to Main Content. This information is provided free of charge by the Department of Industrial Relations from its web site at www. These regulations are for the convenience of the user and no representation or warranty is made that the information is current or accurate.

Driving transformation in the automotive and road transport ecosystem with 5G

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Road traffic safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. Typical road users include pedestrians , cyclists , motorists , vehicle passengers, horse riders, and passengers of on-road public transport mainly buses and trams. The basic strategy of a Safe System approach is to ensure that in the event of a crash, the impact energies remain below the threshold likely to produce either death or serious injury.

Road traffic safety

Download: Decree No. Follow us. Ukraine Certification and products compliance.

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General Industry Safety Orders (c) Safe access to a safe place for all personnel riding on mobile equipment shall be provided. (B) For existing PTC units built prior to the effective date of these provisions, January 1, , J JUN85 or JUN93 standard, Operator Restraint System for Off-Road Work Machines; or. 2.

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§ 3441. Operation of Agricultural Equipment.

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Areas of Responsibility.

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