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Production produce carpets and carpet products, floor paths

Different types and style of carpet exhibit different characteristics that may make them more suitable for some applications than others. The information in this section will help you understand the characteristics of carpets and make a more informed choice. Minor colour variations between samples you may view and the production runs in which your carpet are produced are normal and to be expected. The perceived colour of a carpet colour can also vary due to factors such as the light in which it is being viewed or the angle from which it is seen. We encourage you to view carpet samples under conditions similar to those in which it will be laid to gain the most accurate impression of the finished effect. To varying degrees, the appearance of a carpet will inevitably change.

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Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. We personally work with our designers and factories throughout the year to assure that Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. Due to a lengthy annual freeze, this unique growing climate produces the strongest and most durable bamboo in the world which is best-suited for flooring.

As our world begins to address serious environmental issues such as pollution and destruction of the rainforests, society is rediscovering the natural wonder that is Bamboo.

Anji Mountain Bamboo Rugs are available in a wide variety of popular sizes and eye-catching patterns. They are attractive, durable, easy to clean and ecologically friendly.

Look at—look into—any fine Oriental rug. There is a depth of beauty here that rewards the eye in ways that nothing else can duplicate. Little wonder, down the centuries, everyone from heads of state to the world with the taste setters, the wealthy and famous, as well as those of more modest means have chosen Oriental rugs as the showpieces of their palaces and homes.

While the exact origin of hand-woven oriental rugs is uncertain, ancient writings mention a variety of weavings and locations. The earliest surviving piece—known as the Pazyryk carpet—dates back to BC.

Discovered in a burial site excavated in southern Siberia between , it is now part of the Hermitage Museum Collection in Leningrad. Certain scholars, in fact, believe that Oriental rugs probably existed even before the building of the Egyptian Pyramids and the fabled palaces of Babylon. We offer a variety of area rug styles in runner roll form. A selection of patterns from the collections below are now available in runner rolls: Ashton Belmont Estates Rahmaz Satin.

Natco Home Fashions, a family owned business established in and run by president Michael Litner, purchased an interest in Central Oriental in This partnership provided for a greater expansion of the product offerings; so that we now maintain an inventory level of over , rugs at one time on our shelves in Rhode Island. The major focus of the company is to provide high quality products at fair and reasonable prices. We manufacture and travel the world to find the best factories that produce outstanding quality rugs to correspond with today and fashion trends.

We pride ourselves on fast, efficient and friendly customer service. The Exellan collections are the foundation of our product mix. Exellan is a yarn system that we developed. Chandra area rugs have rapidly become known for tradition, heritage, and quality while revealing one of the most eclectic lineups of area rugs in the industry.

Design, Our area rugs are not only beautiful, but our manufacturing methods produce many of the most durable area rugs you can own. Chandra Rugs is committed to promoting the tradition and culture of the handmade Indian rug, while defining a new era in design. At Chandra, rugs are not just our specialty, but also our passion. Rugs are created using either a vertical or a horizontal braiding construction. Thread We use Clearlon R a high-quality clear monofilament thread that exceeds industry standards and offers exceptional durability and strength.

Today we have a wonderfully wide choice in everything, especially home furnishings. Who would have it any other way? But a great range of carpet styles, designs and colors available on the market today can be a mixed blessing. The most successful home interiors are deigned with continuity in mind.

Even while certain rooms may take on an individual character, it is useful to think of your home as a whole rather than a series of unrelated spaces. Bring your GPS this store is a little harder to find. The voyage of wool starts in the spring when all the sheep over the plateaus are shaven and is then spun patiently by henna-dyed fingers. The natural colors of the fertile earth are then poured over the wool. The wool now dons its alluring beauty with all its natural pureness.

There is no comparison to the color of the natural dyed wool with its noble, deep and genuine attraction. The real essence of the colors comes from the endless mixing and blending of the natural dyeing of the wool. The deep and mysterious effect of the combination of hand-spun yarn with the natural shades is an indisputable reality.

These rugs are woven by capable hands and turn out as works of art that present the very beauty of these natural materials. We have seen rugs woven and dancing with these natural processes for centuries only in the museums, among pieces of private collections, and in the hands of antique dealers.

These antique recreations are represented in our Zara, Samsun and Zile collections. Each collection has its own characteristic that brings out the true works of art. Delos Rugs offers a wide range of contemporary, wool rugs as well as a collection of Kids Rugs. Delos Rugs promises to deliver high-quality products to our clients in a timely manner. All Delos Rugs are offered with Free Shipping! Claire has exquisite area rug collections that take us to the charming cottages of Nantucket, antique homes of coastal New England and the countrys mountain retreats in Vermont.

Area rugs inspired by nature—beautiful coastal havens, fragrant gardens, Nantucket folklore and quaint, hometown places around the world. Claire Murray hand hooked rugs portray the essence and beauty of nature. From pristine coastal scenes to lovely mountain regions you will be reminded of that special place in your heart each time you look at them.

Perfect for beach homes, lodges and ski chalets. Flooring America offers discounts on these rugs when you mention this website. Dolma creates carpets rich in quality and durability. Dolma blends vibrant colors with an incredible hand-spun Himalayan wool using traditional weaving techniques, resulting in an exceptional beautiful carpet made for your home. We manufacture, import, wholesale and retail the finest quality carpets in our exclusive designs and offer special custom orders.

Blue, a gradient of blues from dark to light Durable hand-tufted wool construction Warm, inviting look creates a cozy, casual feel Made in India for Dynamic Rugs Traditional style will complement any home decor. Within a few years, importing quality rugs took on new dimensions. Feizy led the industry and earned recognition as one of the countrys largest manufacturers of hand woven, hand tufted and power loomed rugs. Globally, Feizy pioneered new construction techniques and merged ancient traditional designs with cutting-edge creativity.

As the industry changed, so did his business. Power loomed rugs opened up a world of unexplored possibilities. In , Feizy rose to the challenge with Covtex Feizy, a new division utilizing modern weaving techniques in state-of-the-art facilities in Gaziantep, Turkey and Sibiu, Romania. Today, we at French Accents proudly present this collection of our latest creations of Aubusson rugs, Tapestries and Pile rugs.

The fine designs shown in our gallery are results of the collective efforts of our own team of designers, artisans, and weavers that have taken years to create and bring to perfection. Today the distinctive designs of the French Accents collection are recognized internationally. We invite you to take a moment of your time to explore the Aubusson mystique. Our Mission: To exceed the expectations of our retail customers by pioneering and marketing the most exciting, innovative and value based home decorative products to the consuming public.

The Harounian name is well known and well respected in the world of area rugs. For over four decades David and Lee Harounian have designed, manufactured and introduced to consumers an unsurpassed area rug selection with top-quality materials, high-style designs and inherent value.

HRI maintains staffed offices and factories in China, Pakistan, India, and Nepal where master rug weavers create HRI award-winning and comprehensive collection of programmed and one-of-a-kind area rugs.

The company prides itself on the artistry of its up-to-the-minute fashions, classic interpretations and antique reproductions. HRI has a repertoire of designs includes styles for any of today home fashion needs. The eclectic line includes handmade, hand-tufted and hand-hooked area rugs covering a wide range of qualities, price points, and design trends.

Joy Manufacturing offers the latest styles for kids of all ages. Manufactured in the USA for the most demanding environments, these carpets are designed to be tough enough for the office and elegant enough for the home. History and Profile Jaunty has decided that they will show in only certain showrooms in the United States. We are proud to be among those designated as a Jaunty Retail Showroom.! Jaunty was the first United States based company to establish a hand made rug manufacturing joint venture with the Chinese Government.

Jaunty also has strategically aligned partners of hand made rugs in India. Known for style, quality and value, we excel at new and innovative designs and constructions. Vertically integrated, we spin and dye our own wool to maintain quality control. All our rug designs are hand made in tufted, woven and hand knotted qualities. We maintain a wide selection of programmed rugs as well as many one-of-a-kind works of art. Jaunty is unique in the industry as we manufacture our own line of rug fixtures and displays as well as produce our own media publications including product information hangtags, signs, banners, newspaper advertising and full color inserts.

You can find styles and colors for the very young and the very old. You can shop on-line, print out what you like and come into one of our stores and feel and find the perrfect rug for your room. KAS started as a small importer selling Indian Dhurries and quickly became known as a forerunner in color and design trends. Being a family business, KAS has retained a small company atmosphere while building an infrastructure to support its growing sales.

Over the last 23 years, the company has valued every relationship and has given personal attention to each and every customer. This, coupled with extensive product growth, has supported KAS leading position in this market, now servicing customers in every category of floor coverings and all channels of distribution throughout the United States.

Memorable, beautiful, comfortable and distinctive. Our rugs are created using ancient techniques of master tribal weavers from the mountains of Northern India. Through this rich tradition, we produce strikingly beautiful hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flat woven designs for our discerning clientele. Jaipur rugs range from contemporary and transitional to lush traditionals with rich colors and stunning appearance.

Best of all, Jaipur Rugs brings this excellence, beauty, and distinction —affordably— into contemporary American homes. The Kalaty family Oriental rug business originated in the early with Mirza Kalatys grandfather in Iran. Thus four generations of experience has gone into building this company. They ship their rugs to Flooring America and stand behind the hand made quality of the rugs.


Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. We personally work with our designers and factories throughout the year to assure that Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. Due to a lengthy annual freeze, this unique growing climate produces the strongest and most durable bamboo in the world which is best-suited for flooring.

We aim to contribute to a more sustainable world by continually improving our management of environmental, social and economic challenges. We have the most advanced technology in the industry and are therefore able to meet the demands of the international standards Cradle to Cradle.

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing new carpets or rugs for your luxury home. Colour, size and style are all important, of course. Above all, you need to be realistic about the level of footfall in the room in question. In fact, high-traffic areas, such as hallways, require something quite different — usually a tight, dense, low-pile tuft.

Victoria Carpets

When we recycle carpet tiles, their lifetime is extended and fewer resources are used to manufacture new ones. Carpet tiles that are not suitable for sale are sent on to other companies that can use them as fuel or make new products from them. The carpet tiles consist of Ecotrust felt backings and tile faces. The Ecotrust felt backings are produced from recycled water bottles. An innovative production technique turns bottles into a soft yet strong PET felt material that is long lasting and has great acoustic performance. Once the fishing nets are collected and cleaned, they are physically and chemically broken down and reborn as strong and hardwearing yarns for carpets. The programme streamlines the use of materials so that Ege can utilise them for as long as possible rather than transporting the carpets for incineration. The process is that, together with partners, Ege gathers carpet tiles, and then clean, sort and resell the best ones. See partner. Did you like this solution?

Silk Road Rugs

Fall Update: The original version of this post, first published in , has been one of the most popular pages on our site for almost a decade. This post is up to date as of September , and we will update it periodically if we find new information. How long does this last? What can I do?

Stay up-to-date on the latest design trends, new products and special deals on the best flooring around. Don't worry; we won't fill your inbox and we'll never send you spam.

The Han dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China. With it came many improvements that allowed China to become a world power. One of these improvements was the establishment of trade routes between China and the Middle East.

Designer Rugs

Natural grass carpet maintenance continues to attract consumers of artificial turf carpet, which has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the maintenance costs of the grass, the lack of frequency of use, the difficulty in growing in areas such as canopy, the visual problems such as balding, the decrease in water resources and the difficulty of use throughout the year. Although this system is not mostly used in official areas, we can easily say that t he choice of grass carpet used in private areas has been set as an increasing value and an important feature. While the rigid plastic structure on the base holds the plastic, each extending like wiregrass, we can easily say that people choose to use grass carpets in many places in order to create a long-lasting and durable system. Although the production of grass carpets is a bit troublesome, the grass carpets that add color to the places from the moment they are used are among the important choices of people for both easy usage and healthy purposes.

Flooring is the general term for a permanent covering of a floor , or for the work of installing such a floor covering. Floor covering is a term to generically describe any finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface. Both terms are used interchangeably but floor covering refers more to loose-laid materials. Materials almost always classified as flooring include carpet , laminate , tile , and vinyl. The floor under the flooring is called the subfloor , which provides the support for the flooring. Special purpose subfloors like floating floors , raised floors or sprung floors may be laid upon another underlying subfloor which provides the structural strength.

Artificial Grass Carpets (Amazon Products)

Pars is more than just a flooring specialty store. We are experts trained in flooring sales and design and will help you find the perfect floor to meet your lifestyle. We offer the finest oriental rugs and woven floor pieces you can find on the seacoast and in the world! Having trouble visualizing how a rug from our showroom will look in your home or business? No problem - we want to make sure you get the perfect piece for your home, so we allow all of our customers to bring rugs home before making their final decision.

Bikaner Handloom Carpet comes with the best of handwoven carpet collection Our Carpets are not mere elements of home furnishing; it's a Piece of Art on Your Floor We have in-house production of traditional Mag Felt, Mash up Carpets all handwoven and are Ask for Product Codes, , , , ,

Every swatch tells a unique story of moments and places that will inspire you to find the color you love. Order a sample today to feel confident in your flooring selection. There are four basic fibers that are used to manufacture carpets today, and they all have unique qualities and strengths. We start with the most durable carpet fibers ever made.

The Finest Oriental Rugs in New England

Stockings made of fishing nets, garments made of rhubarb leather, bottles made of sugar cane; there are no limits to creativity along the path to a more sustainable life. But what does a carpet made of recycled PET bottles actually feel like? Elements of natural materials can be experienced in a home's interior with furniture made of solid wood. In use

Carpet Construction

Those criteria include the following:. A large number of PFASs are used to treat carpets and rugs by conferring stain-, soil-, oil-, or water-resistance. The Profile covers carpets and rugs made from natural or synthetic fabric to be used as floor coverings in residential or commercial buildings—including carpeted door mats used indoors and outdoors—but does not include: carpets and rugs for outdoor use; carpets and rugs for use inside trains, planes, buses, automobiles, or any other indoor environment besides buildings; resilient floor coverings e.

But what exactly are green floor coverings and how do you as a consumer make an environmentally sound decision about them?

Equipped with modern technologies the factory produces an impressive quantity of carpets. Moldabela is the follower of Covoare Ungheni factory that was founded in Being the follower of a factory that has a great history and experience encouraged Moldabela to opt for permanent quality improvement. Years of traditions that were pased from generation to generation by the members of our great team leads Moldabela to a path of designs that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Broadloom carpets are available for wall to wall installation. For spreading personality around a room, the area rug has few rivals. What could be more elegant than an heirloom quality Oriental area rug atop a gleaming hardwood floor, or more charming than a handcrafted braided area rug on timeworn pine planks. In myriad styles and prices, versatile area rugs set the mood-and more. Beyond beauty, these stage-setters are hardworking area rug design elements. Area rugs bring softness and warmth to any hard-surface floor, instantly infuse color and pattern into a space, and make comely cover-ups for soiled or damaged carpet. Area rugs are great unifiers, sparking entire color schemes.

On a regular basis, CSrugs is hosting [young] designers. But also well known designers and even fashion designers find their way to CSrugs. Yet under the administration of Mr.

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