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Today, there are seven billion people on this earth - and this number is clearly on the rise. In a report from November , the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, stated that food production has to increase by around 70 percent by However, there is not a lot of land left that could be converted into farmland. Therefore, available resources must be used more effectively and sustainably. This requires modern agricultural and forestry machines. Bosch Rexroth supplies modern travel drives and energy-efficient working hydraulics as well as hardware and software allowing to electronically control these machines.

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In our Newsletter we inform you weekly about the newest articles in forest. There are many beliefs concerning mechanized timber harvesting — and many of them are negative. In reality, however, things are mostly better than people usually think. One of the most widespread myths about harvesters is that they are heavy. In actual fact, a harvester is light in weight. In contrast, a forwarder loaded by timber often weighs more, but this is fortunately something that harvesters can also help with.

Since the harvester operator is able to decide where to debranch the tree trunk, it can also be done on top of the route used by the forestry machines, called the strip road. Leaving the branches on the strip road protects the terrain from being deeply indented by the machinery.

Thus, the harvester protects the forest floor and, thanks to its lightness, it hardly damages the terrain. Harvesters communicate continuously with information networks. Before the start of work, the machine receives a detailed instruction via the mobile phone network from the forest industry company that has purchased the trees in the logging site.

This instruction includes geographic information on both the boundaries of the logging site and the nature values to be spared within it. The operator can check this information on a map on the computer screen, and harvesting work and strip roads can be planned on this map as well. The harvester is localized on this map by satellite navigation. The harvester takes account of the nature values by giving an alarm if the logging comes too close to features to be spared or to the site boundaries.

Compared to manual harvesting, it is much easier for the harvester operator to identify the nature values to be protected, especially during the winter season, when the snow cover is thick. On the other hand, in Finland the nature values must be taken into account even if they are not indicated on the map.

In Finland, mobile phone networks also cover uninhabited forest areas because they are needed in mechanized harvesting. Since the same networks are accessible by all, it is thanks to the harvesters that anyone spending time in forests, whether for recreation or work, can be reached by mobile phone. The instruction sent to the harvester also includes information on the timber deals that the logging is linked to, the type of logging that should be carried out, whether the stumps need treatment to prevent root rot a very common fungus attacking spruce stands in Finland , what safety guidelines must be observed on the site and the lengths to which the different grades are to be cut.

The preferred lengths given in the instruction depend on what kinds of sawn timber have been ordered by the sawmill, among other things. In this way, the requirements of individual customers can begin to be met before the timber leaves the logging site. Together with cutting and debranching the trunks, the harvester also measures the volume of the harvested trunks. The information is transmitted to the forest industry company over the mobile phone network. In fact, the company could receive real-time information on the harvested volumes by timber grade.

However, this is normally not necessary, and the information is sent to the company once a day. For example, the points at which the trunks could be cut are suggested by the computer, although the final decisions are made by the operator. This is because the harvester does not recognise trunk curvature or decayed wood inside the trunk. The harvester is packed full of computer technology — in addition to what is inside the cabin, there are usually several other systems.

With the help of them and information networks, the harvesters owned by individual harvesting enterprises are linked to the information system of the forest industry company that has bought the trees. These systems all work together. The harvester gathers information about how much timber of each grade is held in intermediate storages beside the forest roads.

This makes it possible to plan optimal routes for the lorries taking the timber to the mill — they usually have to visit several storage sites to get a full load. Harvesters are efficient. In terms of the actual logging alone, one operator and a harvester can carry out the work of 20 loggers. Where needed, the harvester automatically sprays liquid pesticide on the stumps to combat root rot. The active substance in the liquid is either urea or a fungus which is a natural enemy of the Heterobasidion fungi.

By using a harvester in thinnings it is possible to minimize the damage to the trees left standing, because the operator can choose the direction in which the trees will fall. For the operator, a harvester makes a nice workplace — at least when compared to what the alternative is.

In former times, logging was heavy, physical work out in the open. Nowadays, thanks to harvesters, the operator sits in a warm and dry cabin , not worried by subzero temperatures or heavy rains and often listening to their favourite music or radio programme. In addition to this, harvester is quiet , when compared to a chainsaw, for example.

Over the information networks the operators can have direct contact with employers, customers, colleagues or their family. Some harvesters even allow you to install a small kitchen in the cabin, with a microwave oven and coffee-maker. On the other hand, a harvester operator is required to have diverse professionals skills. They must, for example, know how to carry out small reparations out in the forest, and be aware of the lifetime of wearing parts so as to order spares on time.

Juha Kemppainen, Planning Manager at Ponsse plc have been interviewed for this article. Backgrounf information of Finnish forestry in forest. Forestry related graphs in forest. Forest machines of John Deere. The statistics are based on registration information. All in all, new harvesters were registered in Finland in Of the brands listed, only Komatsu is not manufactured in Finland.

Eight good news giving you a glimpse of what happened in forests and the forest branch in - Happy holidays! Subscribe to our newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter. Search from forest. Forest sector in Finland , Innovations , Silviculture. According to the group of resarchers, resilience of forests against damage can be significantly improved by active forestry. Photo: Ponsse. Write a comment Click here to cancel reply. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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Material Processing. Tigercat specializes in the design and manufacture of tree harvesting systems and specialized machines for severe duty off road applications. Tigercat forestry systems deliver processed wood to roadside at the lowest cost per tonne. Learn more about innovative Tigercat harvesting systems and off road industrial products.

China manufacturing industries are full of strong and consistent exporters. We are here to bring together China factories that supply manufacturing systems and machinery that are used by processing industries including but not limited to: irrigation system, garden tool, drip irrigation system. Here we are going to show you some of the process equipments for sale that featured by our reliable suppliers and manufacturers, such as Forestry Equipment.

Forestry Equipment. Due to the remote nature of forestry and logging a work, a breakdown is more than a hassle — it's a major problem that can bring your operation to a halt. Why not share those ideas? Join our Power Team customer panel.

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Sawmill Equipment. Baxley Equipment, your sawmill equipment manufacturer with customized lumber mill systems and sawmill parts. Let us help you sell your portable sawmill, resaw, sharpener, setter, log deck, log truck, or any other piece of relevant equipment from wood planers to tractors we will list it!. The AC was designed for high production as well as being user friendly which is why it is our best. All Cooper Machine equipment is built utilizing proven technology, including the latest in computerized setworks and profiling software. Pratt Sawmill and Logging is a family-owned and operated sawmill and logging company with over 30 years of experience. Sawquip is a well-established manufacturer of sawmill and mining equipment. April

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Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy. Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since Digital technology is revolutionizing industries around the globe, from manufacturing to healthcare. Even agriculture is undergoing enormous change due to technologies like variable-rate fertilization and automated harvesting. Forestry, on the other hand, has lagged behind most other industries in the adoption of digital technology.

Forestry Loader Featuring additional protection for both the operator and the machine, the T ForestMaster also incorporates a heavy-duty recovery winch.

Sawmill Equipment. Chain Turner. Prescott Sawmill Machinery is an authorized dealer partnered with Frick Sawmills to provide you new sawmill machinery by this trusted manufacturer. Misc, Sawmill Items Rich Carlson April 1, this is a good machine, owner has replaced it with newer one, it is 3-phase and 12 inch capacity, he kept heads for newer machine, […] total views, 0 today.

Precision forestry: A revolution in the woods

Take production planning to a whole new level. Big advantages. Even in the smallest details.

Some largest producers are also among the biggest timberland owners. The wood industry plays a dominating role in today's wood economy. Processing and products differs especially with regard to the distinction between softwood and hardwood. Both types can be of use for building and residential construction purposes e. After logging, which is now typically done using large harvesters , the trunks of the felled trees are cut in lumber mills. As of , the top timberland owners in the USA were structured as real-estate investment trusts and include: [6].

Believe it or not – ten amazing facts about mechanized timber harvesting

Operating weight : 19,, 20, kg Engine power : , kW. Its versatility makes it feel at home at first Harvester Harvesters are tire or crawler-type hydraulic excavators equipped with the harvester head. They are designed for felling standing trees, Processing limbing and bucking. Key features: Boom reach: 8.

May 9, - PMR delivers key insights on the global forestry equipment tire market report, Forestry Equipment Tires Market: Global Industry Analysis

PMR delivers key insights on the global forestry equipment tire market in its latest research report, Forestry Equipment Tires Market: Global Industry Analysis — and Forecast — On the basis of insights and findings in the report, the long-term stance for the global forestry equipment tire market is expected to be positive with an estimated value CAGR of 5. Increasing demand for wood and wood products, coupled with the shift toward mechanization and automation in forestry operation to increase efficiency and output, is one of the key factors expected to lay a robust foundation for the growth of the forestry equipment tire market during the forecast period. The forestry equipment tire market is expected to witness healthy growth throughout the forecast period. Long term growth in the demand for forestry equipment tires is expected to be driven by the socio-economic outlook, which in turn rests on the changing demographic, continuous economic growth, urbanization and increasing affluent population.

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Dry not waney board. Used for laminated beam, finish materials, furniture board, planed stock production. Used for housekeeping needs and rough works.

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Air Handling Systems located in Woodbridge, Connecticut is known as a leader in the dust and fume collection industry. Automated Systems of Tacoma, Inc. We have the capability of handling a wide variety of projects from a one-off piece of equipment to multiple machines or complex systems.

Sharpe Bolero Ozon.

In our Newsletter we inform you weekly about the newest articles in forest. There are many beliefs concerning mechanized timber harvesting — and many of them are negative. In reality, however, things are mostly better than people usually think. One of the most widespread myths about harvesters is that they are heavy.

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It covers timber harvesting, forwarding and haulage to sawmills and pulp mills. We cover sawmill activities from timber handling in woodyards and at the mill through to the cutting technology and the logistics involved in carrying them to the customer for downstream processing. In addition, IFI covers biomass collection and processing. IFI fills a void within forest related industries that suppliers in timber harvesting, sawmill operations and biomass management have believed to exist for many years. Chris Cann Editor. Ence opened in Puertollano, Spain its new renewable energy generation plant with low emission biomass of 50 MW, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

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