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Production and Packaging of Non-Carbonated Fruit Juices and Fruit Beverages

Gilaberaid, P. Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh. Mango juice has always been considered as a delicious, nutritious popular drink, but processed juice may not always be safe due to chemical and microbial risks. Determination of physicochemical and microbiological qualities of some packed mango juices of Bangladesh will help consumers to know the present scenario. Six commercially available different juice samples were collected from the market.

Carbohydrate profiles were determined using HPLC, crude protein content was calculated using the Kjeldahl method and other parameters were determined by standard AOAC methods. Standard culture techniques were followed to assess the total viable count TVC , E. The highest quantity of monosaccharide The maximum content of acidity recorded was 0.

The highest quantity 6. No significant amount of E. It can be concluded that the locally available mango juices contain a safe level of nutritional and microbial elements for human consumption, but not highly satisfactory. Among many local fruits, mango is the most popular in Bangladesh because of its taste and nutritional value. Fresh mango is available in a particular season. Due to popularity and consumer demand, many fruit juice companies have developed to capitalize on emerging market [ 1 ].

Mango juice is considered as the most preferred non-alcoholic beverage worldwide to all age groups [ 2 ]. Each cup of mango juice adds both vitamins A and C to diet and contains about 30 grams of sugary carbohydrates sugars — glucose, fructose, maltose, sucrose; dietary fibers [ 3 ].

Although moderate to high level of carbohydrates causes little fluctuation in blood-sugar level, this process makes the body maintain appetite through an easier metabolism. Non-fat originated calories, make the juice easily digestible, an energy providing drink. The important nutrient from mango juice helps to maintain healthy eye function and growth, healthy skin tissue and gene transcription.

In gallbladder cancer, a protective effect of mango consumption had been proven [ 4 ]. It meets the vitamin and energy requirements of children of months of age at three servings a day and at the FAO average breastfeeding frequency [ 5 ].

Mango juice also is a good source of calcium and iron. Iron helps the body to eliminate free radicals, while calcium assists in the formation of healthy teeth and bones. Phytochemicals and antioxidants [ 7 ] in mango juice are beneficial to prevent many diseases along with cancer.

A study in New Zealand aimed to determine the reason for lower cancer rate in native Maori population compared to European descendants.

The Maori eat 25 foods in greater quantities, five of them showed strong anti-cancer effects. Those are carotenoids and flavonoids containing, watercress, papaya, taro leaves, green banana and mango [ 8 ]. Mango juice also provides protection against arteriosclerosis. Processed mango juice may not always be safe due to chemicals additives as sodium benzoate, sulfur dioxide used in ingredients and the heavy load of microbes T.

Sometimes producers do not maintain proper quality parameters as pH, acidity, total soluble solids and aseptic condition. For these, the product failed to maintain the nutrition value and taste or deliciousness. Producers apply chemical preservatives that can inhibit all types of microbial growth [ 9 ].

Commonly used processed fruit juice preservatives such as sulfur dioxide SO 2 and sodium benzoate are detrimental to health and significantly damage the vegetative cells [ 10 ]. The sulfites inhibit yeasts, molds and bacteria are the most effective as inhibitors of browning in foods. They also reduce the microbial growth and increase the shelf life of juice products [ 2 ]. Refrigeration and sterilization [ 11 ] are popular methods for the preservation of mango juice used to destroy pathogenic microorganisms and to preserve the color, aroma and chemical quality.

The major ingredients of juice are water [ 12 ], sugar, glucose, natural fruit pulp, sodium CMC and may also carry microbial contaminants. Food-borne illness is commonly caused by some chemicals and certain bacteria or their toxins.

The most common food-borne pathogenic bacteria, associated with mango juice, are Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp. In pregnant women, a heavily infected fetus may lead to spontaneous abortion, stillbirths, or sepsis in infancy. Contaminated juice with pathogens as E. For years, mango has been cultivated in the sub-continent [ 14 ]. The grafted mango plants are concentrated in a few places in the North-Western region and unknown varieties seedling mangoes are grown in other parts of Bangladesh [ 15 ].

The Rajshahi zone under mango cultivation during was about hectares with a total production of about metric tons [ 16 ]. North-Western district Chapai Nawabganj alone with around 50, mango groves produced a total of thousand tons of mango in [ 17 ].

The consumption of fruit juice continues to increase in Bangladesh because of taste, nutrition value and lifestyle demand. So, from the public health point of view, it is quite important to know the physicochemical and microbiological quality of the increasingly popular fruit juices available in the market. Determination of these parameters of some commercially packed mango juices of Bangladesh will help consumers to know the present scenario or the condition of Bangladeshi processed juice.

One juice was prepared as standard Homemade from mango pulp, water and sugar. Total soluble solids, primarily sucrose, fructose and glucose, were measured. Citric acid and minerals in the juice also contributed to the soluble solids. Citric acid and a small amount of malic and tartaric acid were added in juice for its tartness and unique taste. The amount of acid present in the juice was reported as the percent citric acid.

A titration with sodium hydroxide was used to calculate the value Appendix A [ 21 , 23 ]. Juice was digested with a strong acid H 2 SO 4 so that it released nitrogen which could be determined by a suitable titration technique. The amount of protein present was calculated from the nitrogen concentration. A conversion factor of 6. This was only an average value and each protein has a different conversion factor depending on its amino-acid composition.

The Kjeldahl method can conveniently be divided into three steps: digestion, neutralization and titration. The initially very dark-colored medium had become clear and colorless to indicate that the chemical degradation of the sample was completed [ 24 , 25 ]. The fat content of the sample was determined as free and total fat [ 26 ]. Free fat was extracted from the lyophilized sample by Soxhlet using ether as a solvent. The total fat content was determined by the acid-hydrolysis method [ 27 ].

Samples 1. The mixture obtained was then extracted with a combination of solvents comprising of methanol 2. Thereafter, the mixture was centrifuged, ether—fat layer was decanted and evaporated and the fat content was measured Appendix B [ 25 ].

A number of chemical methods were used to determine monosaccharides and oligosaccharides which are based on the fact that many of these substances are reducing agents. Those reducing agents can react with other components to yield precipitates or colored complexes which could be quantified.

HPLC is commonly used to separate and identify carbohydrates [ 28 ] because of rapid, specific, sensitive and precise measurements. The identification of monosaccharide was done by comparing the retention times of individual sugars in the reference vs. The quantitative assays were made of the carbohydrates as fructose, glucose, sucrose, maltose, malt triose and maltotetraose. The contents of those compounds were assayed based on the comparing peak areas obtained in the examined samples with those from the standard.

To make the presentation of the obtained results more comprehensive, the following was calculated: total sugars, fructose to glucose ratio and total monosaccharides. The calculation was done by the Post Run software Lab Solution. The standard test procedure was followed [ 29 ] and appropriate selective media were inoculated for microbiological analysis for the quantitative determination of total viable count TVC , fecal coliform, E.

NaCl 0. Dehydrated MacConkey Agar medium 5. A colony of each plate of the same dilution was counted and confirmed that selected plates were containing not more than CFU per petri dish. Counted colony for each dilution was averaged and multiplied by the dilution factor. Dehydrated MFC medium 5. One milliliter of rosolic acid solution was added per ml of the medium. Fruit juices have a low pH because they are comparatively rich in organic acid.

The overall range of pH is 2 to 5 for common fruits with the most frequent figures being between 3 and 4. In this study pH of the fruit juices varied from 3. The highest pH 3. The TSS content is significantly influenced by the percentage of solid materials mango pulp, sugar, glucose and other ingredients dissolved in water in the juice. Sometimes, the producer adds a sweetening agent instead of sugar and glucose.

The total acidity of fruit juices is due to the presence of a mixture of organic acids, whose composition varies depending on the fruit nature and maturity of the pulp or ingredients used which were added during juice processing. Organic acids take the lead in importance for characteristics and nutritive value of fruit juices and confer individual originality among natural beverages.

Acidity as citric acid of homemade juice was 0. Most of the fruit juices were low in protein content. Protein is insoluble in fruit juice so a considerable proportion of the protein content is present in the fruit juices. Homemade juice contained only 0.

Fruit juice does not contain fat; somehow a little amount could be present in raw ingredients. FR1TO6 contained 0. It is estimated that reducing sugar and total sugar content increased with the advanced ripening of fruits. The combined effect of the stages of maturity and ripening conditions significantly affected the reducing sugar and total sugar content of the fruit pulp and juices. Homemade juice contained 3.

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The fruit juice market is one of the fastest growing categories in the beverages segment growing at a CAGR of over 30 per cent over the past decade. The growing trend of fitness and keeping one self healthy is driving the juice business in India. Over the last five years, the country has seen juice bars and juice cafes opening in India.

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As regards juices, unfermented and not containing added spirit, see note 6 to this chapter. Note 6 to Chapter 20 states that For the purposes of heading As regards juices, unfermented and not containing added spirit, see Note 6 to this Chapter. This heading covers non-alcoholic beverages, as defined in notes 3 to this Chapter, not classified under other heading, particularly heading

Import Fruit In , Americans consumed a little more than one pound of the fruit per person per year — almost all from California growers, whose harvest comes only in the summer. Therefore, you should order from us to get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered in your country. To maximize the amount of juice when squeezing, first roll the fruit under the palm of your hand on a flat surface to break down the inner fruit and release the juice. For example: Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and France are significant importers and exporters of fruit and vegetables; Spain is a significant exporter; whilst Germany and the UK are significant importers. Get latest price of Fruit Processing.

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The world trusts you to keep their juices pure. They come to us and our widest instrumentation portfolio on the planet —ion, liquid and gas chromatography, metal analysis, mass spectrometry, discrete analyzers, and data management — for accurate, reliable answers no matter where they are in the beverage analysis process. High pressures and columns with small particle sizes have been used in high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC for a long time, but not in ion chromatography IC. But now, high pressures in IC are ready to take off. Fruit juice adulteration presents an economic and regulatory problem. The most common forms of adulteration include simple dilution and blending of inexpensive and synthetically produced juices into the more expensive ones. Sugar alcohols are used in confectionary products because they impart a sweet taste without the calories associated with sugars.

highlights the level of microbial loads found in various fruit juice samples. Most of the commercial fruit juices are filtered to remove fiber or pulp, drinking water or eating food that has been contaminated by feces anyone can get Glass wares, laboratory distillation apparatus- fractional distillatory set up, microscope.

Refine your search. Being part of one of the biggest industrial groups in Turkey, we have established manufacturing plants in several countries. In , in Georgia, a new facility for production of alcoholic beverages Find out about this company.

Gilaberaid, P. Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh. Mango juice has always been considered as a delicious, nutritious popular drink, but processed juice may not always be safe due to chemical and microbial risks.

Short description: This datasheet contains a description of different types of drink made from fruits. Also includes a step by step guide of juicing and preservation. A wide range of drinks can be made using extracted fruit juice or fruit pulp as the base material.

Buying fruit juice at the supermarket is a surprisingly complicated task that leads to myriad questions.

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